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Hampshire Court Hotel vaccination site set to reopen

The Hampshire Court Hotel vaccination site is set to reopen as part of the acceleration of the Covid booster vaccination program, the town’s MP said.

It closed on June 13 as the GP-run site moved across the road to Jameson House.

But now the center is set to reopen to help speed up the deployment of the booster, according to Maria Miller.

She said in a blog post after visiting Jameson House to mark the 250,000th dose given in GP-run clinics: “It is also great news that another site, at the Hampshire Court Hotel, will reopen temporarily this winter to help further increase the number of people vaccinated and ensure that as many people as possible can receive a booster before Christmas.

“As always, I encourage everyone to come forward when they are eligible to get their recall.”

It is not confirmed when the site will reopen or how long it will remain open. The Gazette has contacted the Clinical Commissioning Group for comment.

The news comes after residents reported difficulty getting appointments for reminders in Basingstoke.

Residents complained that they were unable to reserve their supplement dose at Basingstoke and that they were sent to Reading, Fleet or Andover, although the Jameson House vaccination center is still operational.

She encouraged more than 80 people volunteering at the fire station vaccination center to call on the GCC to set up a new installation. It has since been signed by hundreds of locals.

Reacting to the news from Hampshire Court, Rima Amin, who set up the petition, said: “More centers to help tackle the shortage of reminder appointments in Basingstoke is exactly what the community has been asking for – so today’s news is extremely reassuring – especially for those who have struggled to get their recall shot over the past few months.

“Thank you to every resident who spoke about their experience to make sure the capacity was increased and thank you to the Basingstoke Gazette for raising their concerns through their coverage.

“We are incredibly grateful for the huge number of vaccine volunteers who have stepped forward to help again in this time of crisis – we reached out to Basingstoke Voluntary Action to begin putting this offer of support into action.

“We are awaiting details from the CCG and always offer feedback from residents and volunteers to ensure this deployment goes smoothly.”

With the Prime Minister’s pledge to give everyone over 18 a helping hand by the end of January, this decision will increase capacity locally.

Jameson House clinical manager Dr Tim Cooper has previously said they have plenty of vaccines but The Gazette understands the ward is very busy.