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Here Comes Miriam, the first AI-driven content writing tool made in Kenya

Advances in technology have opened up so many channels that demand constant streams of content, updated daily, if not by the second.

Meeting demand for content simply by typing on a computer keyboard is not possible, and a Kenyan company is filling the void with its AI-powered tool named Myriam.

The in-house product was developed by IT services and consulting firm Kenoobi AI, in conjunction with digital consulting firm Growthpad. He is currently running pilot tests while collecting customer feedback. We tried Myriam and found her quite knowledgeable and capable.

How it works?

The most important aspect of the tool is the ability to take writings and develop them into long articles. You can use it to create emails, blog posts, social media content, company memos, and pretty much any other written content.

Currently, Miriam seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, and customers use their phone numbers as unique identifiers. There are three packages to choose from, and its plug-and-play mode makes it very user-friendly.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred package, the tool prompts you to “Get started” and you continue typing your instructions or brief as if you were having normal conversations with another person. In about 15 seconds, Miriam is able to generate an article with an average length of 250 to 400 words.

Duncan Mutwiri, Director of Growthpad, said: “The product can be used to produce a wide range of content. You can use it for taglines, generate ideas for your blog, and even write emails. We’ve been testing it for three weeks now and we’re still collecting consumer feedback. We plan to roll it out fully in the coming weeks.

Mutwiri expressed confidence in market adoption and response. “We have around 1000 users so far and we see great interest in the product. Miriam works best if she is given clear instructions. You need to give her a clear brief and she will generate content even on some complex topics.

During our trial, the first briefing to Miriam asked her to write an article on land degradation and its impact on food production. In about 15 seconds, he managed about 270 words of a well-composed article on the topic.

We then asked Miriam to write about deep fakes in recruiting and she ably replied:

The use of AI in content generation has gained momentum over the past couple of years, with a number of products entering the market. Jarvis and Copy.AI are among the content generation tools that have found their way into the local market.

Ultimately, offering a local product offers more opportunities for content creators, including easier access to customer experience support.

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