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Hit the streets in season 8 | Rocket League®

It’s time to take it out

Far from the bright lights of Utopia Colosseum, the vibrant neighborhood of Sovereign Heights is home to an underground soccar scene like no other. While tuner car crews vie for street cred, local garages work through the night, sprucing up the block with vibrant custom rides.

Dive into the Sovereign Heights Arenaplay through a new rocket passand unlock the classic Honda Civic Type R in Season 8 from September 7!

rocket pass

Inspired by the popular hatchback, this in-game Honda Civic Type R is the very first IRL car to be included in Rocket Pass Premium! JDM’s masterpiece hits the streets with a beloved spec: octane hitbox.

Paint the terrain with graffiti-themed items like the Splash Boostreagent Big Cap Mattress Topperand Wild Spray Aim Explosion. Want to express yourself ? Channel your inner meltdown with the Fire Truck Player Banneror go for old-school streetwear style with the Wrapstar Sticker and Franko Fone Wheels.


Tuner’s paradise

Leveling through Rocket Pass tiers also unlocks the upgrade Honda Civic Type R-LE. The addition of a larger front air intake, carbon fiber hood and rear spoiler gives this ’90s classic a track-focused feel. Players can also load the original white and red Honda Civic Type R rims for styling true to the revered original rims.

Does RGB lighting really increase performance? Scientists say no, but some clever engineers faked a bounty EdgeLight package so you can test it for yourself! This shiny visual effect wraps around the bottom of the car’s body kit and will be applied automatically when using a painted version of either Honda Civic Type R Where Honda Civic Type R-LE. These painted versions can be found above Tier 70 in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers.


city ​​on fire

It’s time to hit the grass! Located next to the city’s famous Centered Park, Sovereign Heights Arena is covered with homemade turf made by the neighborhood cooperative. You’ll also spy on the PsyNet building across the block, home to famous robots like Wolfman, Roundhouse, and Jester.

Once you’re close to the local Soccar scene, start competing in tournaments to win Season 8 Tournament Rewards. Shred the sidewalk with the Sk8s Player Bannerand light the charcoal Hibachi mattress topper for grilling street glizzies.

Lucky players might even unlock a new Black Market Tournament reward! Unlock the flicker Starliner decal and Amplitude Goal Explosion to build your personal laser light show.


word on the street

Season 8 has too much to show at once, but the news is spreading fast in the heights. A new Hoops Arena coming later this season promises to revitalize the local streetball scene, while rumors of the annual Haunted Hallows event echo through the alleys. Stay tuned, more announcements are sure to come soon!

Season 8 hits the streets on Wednesday, September 7, following a game update on Tuesday, September 6 at 4 p.m. PDT.