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Hitman 3 changes post-launch roadmap with new map in July


For those who have been enjoying Hitman 3 since its launch in 2021, there has been plenty of post-launch DLC to keep players busy. This will continue this year, with even more content to come, as indicated by IO Interactive’s roadmap. One of them happens to be the new Freelancer mode for Hitman 3, but now the wait will be longer as the mode is delayed to the second half.

“As we said, we’re taking a bit more time to tighten up the mode and improve several things that we think will significantly improve the gameplay experience. While we’re working on these improvements, we’re also preparing to dive in deeper into the mode and to share more of what you can expect,” IO said in a new blog post.

“With all of that in mind, we are now aiming to release the Freelancer game mode on Hitman 3 in the second half of 2022. We believe it will be worth the wait.”

In its place, IO Interactive is instead launching a new map in the month of July. Ambrose Island will have an intriguing narrative, set before the events of Hitman 3 and fills in some gaps in the World of Assassination storyline. You can check out Ambrose Island in the screenshot below:

Before that, the next patch scheduled for May 24 will contain more Featured Contracts, as well as more Arcade Elusive Target unlocks. Ray tracing support will also be added as part of the patch.