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Houston Texans Final Score / Post-Game Recap: Texans 7, 49ers 23

The Houston Texans have enjoyed a winning streak. Davis Mills played well against the smelly Jacksonville Jaguars and had a great game against the Los Angeles Chargers who were deprived of their top two defensive players. For one half they were looking to make three in a row, until it all fell apart in the second half.

The Texans have had two good offensive practices this game. Davis Mills converted three thirds and long and hit Brandin Cooks against Fred Warner to top it off. The other was created by defensive pass interference penalties pulled by Brandin Cooks. That practice ended when the right side of Houston’s offensive line liquefied, forcing Ka’imi Fairbairn’s failed basket.

Fairbairn’s failed basket effectively ended that game for Houston. The next drive, Trey Lance hit a deep one in which Houston failed to make it to cover three. Eric Murray was the only one with high security. He missed Deebo Samuel to prevent the touchdown. Two points down, that was the end of it.

Prior to that point, the Houston defense did a better job defending the horizontal runs that got them into trouble against the New York Jets and other opponents. Lance was unhappy as a fast passer. The outside zone and the boot game were there for the 49ers the entire time, however. Whenever they needed work sites, these avenues were always open.

Houston’s offensive problems were warded off by their pass protection. Demeco Ryans got mixed up in the occasional blitz, but the rush of the top four managed to squeeze Mills out of place quite often. Incompletions and second and long executions created longer third-down conversion attempts. Houston’s offense has moved better over the past two weeks because they created third and short. This week was different, and Houston was 5 for 15 in third place before garbage time.

Texans fans needed something to feel good. They found this at Davis Mills. After two acceptable games in consecutive weeks, it has been a little heartwarming in a lost season. Could Houston build his team around him? Is he a starting quarterback in the rough? Can the Texans ignore the quarterback position in 2022. This week was about to deflate. Before an empty final practice, Mills was 15/26 for 106 yards, 4.1 yards per attempt, took 3 sacks and threw 1 touchdown for 1 interception. I’m sure there is a syringe of something else that you can fill and inject into yourself.

Next week it all ends. The Houston Texans face the Tennessee Titans in Week 18 in Houston at 12:00 noon. The Texans are still expected to pick third overall, and the Titans are playing for a first-round pass, giving Derrick Henry an extra week to recuperate for the playoffs.