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How Cornerstone TXP hopes to provide content and a connection for learning

Last month unveiling of On-demand cornerstoneit’s new learning and development solution, dubbed Talent Experience Platform (TXP), is a sign that employee talent management tools continue to mature as vendors add more L&D functionality into a single suite. This approach aims to streamline the career development path of employees while reducing the number of tools that HR must manage.

Although Cornerstone TXP is available now, the vendor has already announced new features that will be added to the offering early next year. They include the Opportunity Marketplace, which helps match newly qualified employees with career growth opportunities; Content Studio to match content to an employee’s skill preferences and initiatives; and Skills Innovation, an exclusive skills database that will be open to the public.

According to analysts and HRE journalist Josh BersinCornerstone’s upcoming Opportunity Marketplace shares many features of offerings from Gloat, Fuel50, Eightfold and other vendors, but it has one key difference.

“What’s unique here is that Cornerstone’s integrated LMS and talent management system can recommend courses, projects, development assignments, mentors, and jobs,” he writes on his blog. “Other vendors in the talent marketplace still don’t index content well, so they’re more like ‘position matching systems’ today.”

The current release of TXP unites the company’s expanded portfolio of growth-focused learning and talent management solutions with “human-centric experiences, deep talent intelligence, and an open, agile architecture,” according to a press release from Cornerstone.

Cornerstone TXP consists of four elements to deliver what it calls “people, talent, and business transformation.” These four items begin with what the seller calls a “holistic people growth experience” that provides personalized and engaging learning experiences. Other elements include an “intelligent technology fabric” featuring an AI-powered engine to collect and analyze people’s skills, content and data; a suite of learning, performance and talent management tools; and finally, an open architecture that can evolve according to the customer’s needs.

What does TXP mean for HR managers? According Karthik Suri, Product Manager at Cornerstone, HR and L&D professionals continue to face a “massive transformation of the talent space”. This includes changes in the way people work, their changing technological needs, and a fundamental change in the way human relationships are nurtured in the workplace.

“With our talent experience platform, HR leaders benefit from better cohesion across tools, enabling them to achieve strong business results in this new world of work,” says Suri.

Cornerstone TXP also addresses a key challenge for HR and L&D managers: connection and connectivity.

Suri explains that historically, HR departments had multiple training and development tools and other tools in their arsenal, which often resulted in overlapping solutions. Cornerstone wants TXP to become the “intelligent connector” for these tools and the data they contain.

He adds, “With the right insights and growth-focused tools, TXP gives HR leaders the complete context, information, and visibility they need to grow and retain their people.”

Suri believes the new offering will bring relief to today’s HR and L&D teams. “TXP is a new model,” he says, “for talented leaders to champion the transformation of their organizations, inspire their people to grow, enable business strategies and drive business results.”

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