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How Huawei Cloud Addresses Data Storage Challenges for Content Creators

In this modern era, we have independent content creators and filmmakers using smartphones to capture and record anything from podcasts, reels, educational content to live events.

The smartphone is quickly becoming an important part of our professional and personal lives, storing not just contacts and emails, but a wealth of creative images, videos, sound clips and more.

Whether you’re creating content for fun and entertainment, using platforms like TikTok, or you’re a blogger/flogger, using Instagram and LinkedIn to showcase your talent, you can ensure that your media files are safe and secure.

As important as the creation and development process is to you, your storage should be too. Why not take advantage of your smartphone cloud app? It has a large capacity to hold large files, can be synced, and ensures your files are kept for as long as you need them.

We all have a treasure trove of digital memories stored on our mobile devices, from family photos and videos to important documents and sensitive information. Have you ever thought about what would happen if your device was lost or stolen? If you don’t have backups in place, all that content is lost forever.

It’s here that HUAWEI mobile cloud is convenient, here are some features you can use for your content storage.

First, when you sign up for a HUAWEI ID and activate the Cloud, you automatically get 5GB storage space for free. You can easily manage all your content from any device when you log in to

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud gives you a secure place to store the things that matter to you, accessible from all your devices.

If 5GB isn’t enough, there are affordable monthly subscriptions for additional storage starting at R14.99 for 50GB and increasing to R149.99 for a whopping 2TB of cloud storage.

One of the features you’ll love about HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is the ease of backing up data. You can schedule automatic cloud backups for all your phone data.

This includes your photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, and even some third-party apps. If you lose your phone or get an upgrade, you can easily transfer all of your saves with just the press of a button.

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Another cool feature is HUAWEI Gallery Sync. With this in place, you can save all your images and videos to the cloud. If you edit an image on one device, it will automatically sync the changes to all your connected devices. With that in place, managing your photos and videos is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you lose your device, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud has an awesome “Find Device” feature. With this feature, you can see the location of your device making a sound for you to find it. You can also turn on lost mode or erase its data, so your precious data never falls into the wrong hands.

Huawei takes security and privacy very seriously. Nine layers of security are in place to keep your cloud data safe. What this means in simple terms is that none of your data can be viewed by anyone but you.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud also includes built-in HUAWEI Drive. This provides an explorer-like window for you to easily save all files and apps from your device to the cloud. It’s easy to drag and drop so anyone can do it.

HUAWEI mobile cloud
HUAWEI mobile cloud

In July 2022, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud will be offering a limited winter offer of a huge 20% discount on 200GB storage until August 21, 2022. That’s 200GB storage for just R35.99, so go on HUAWEI Mobile Cloud today and sign up for your free HUAWEI ID to protect your digital creations.