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How legal marketers can use content marketing

Here are some ideas on how to educate and help your customers and prospects learn how to use your products/services.

Create step-by-step guides with screenshots of how to fix a problem your audience is struggling with using your tools.

You can use Loom to help you do this by video.

Canva is a great tool for visually bringing a guide like this to life, much like an infographic.

The guide doesn’t have to focus on teaching readers to solve their problems using only your product.

In fact it is better to make the guide more general so that it is not super salesman.

Hubspot does a great job of offering content solutions on their website.

Another idea is to record explainer tutorials giving a video presentation of how your tools can help your customers. The other advantage is that prospects can also learn more about your products and solutions.

Short how-to videos are easy to reuse – share them in your emails, blog posts, social media, YouTube channel, Slack community and more.

You can also write case studies explaining how others are getting results by solving a particular problem using your product.

I have found that asking clients to be part of a content series about how they use a product or tool is effective in giving credibility and gravitas to my client’s brands.

I include customer quotes on social media, white papers, website, and other prominent public places. Let other reputable industry players help you with your marketing if they want (it’s free too!).

Repurpose your Glassdoor reviews, Google reviews, and rewards on how your customers use your products. There’s already a lot of positive press about your organization – so why not use that to your advantage?

You can reuse them on your website and social media channels, as well as in customer guides/tutorials.

I hope these ideas show how you can showcase sales-related content and use it to market your business without being too commercial.

When you have a great product or service, it truly sells itself.

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