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How many Netflix subscribers actually play its games?

Netflix may be the streaming platform of choice worldwide, but its new foray into gaming is off to a rocky and slow start.

Only 1.7 million out of 221 million subscribers play Netflix games

The majority of the streaming giant’s 221 million subscribers might not know it, but Netflix actually offers free downloadable games on the Netflix app.

But according to CNBC’s report, Apptopia’s analysis reveals that Netflix games were downloaded a total of 23.3 million times by an average of 1.7 million daily users, which is roughly less than one percent of total Netflix subscribers. These game downloads are available as part of Netflix subscriptions.

Bad marketing? Lack of corporate attention, priority?

These numbers apparently show that 99% of the 221 million people who have access to Netflix’s library of games don’t play them or maybe don’t even know they exist.

Unlike the undisputed leader in streaming, this is simply bad marketing or perhaps a lack of corporate focus or prioritization.

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Gaming Foray just an ‘experiment,’ says Netflix COO Greg Peters

When introducing the games deals, Netflix said it did not expect its games division to be immediately profitable, with Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters describing the move as “experimental “.

Still, the question on everyone’s mind is how long Netflix will wait to determine if it has indeed made the right choice, especially given the fact that it lost around a million subscribers during its run. last trimestre. Other high-profile initiatives, such as an in-house fan blog, Tudum, had been cut after just a few months of lucrative spending.

Netflix’s lucrative spending on initiatives beyond TV shows and movies

The company indicated its significant investments in initiatives beyond basic content offerings, such as basic TV shows and movies. This year, Netflix spent $72 million to acquire Next Games, the studio that developed “Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales”, Netflix also secured exclusive mobile rights to beloved indie games, such as “Spiritfarer” and “Into The Breach”. On the face of it, Netflix is ​​not expected to invest more in the long-term gaming space.

Netflix began offering its subscribers access to free video games in 2021. And, as Netflix kept announcing more games coming to its service despite low player participation, only a few of its more than 200 million subscribers will care.

In November 2021, Netflix began offering free downloadable games as part of its subscription service, with the launch of five initial titles. Stranger Things: The Game, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Teeter Up, and shooting hoops.

It has since been included more in its games lineup and has since grown to more than 25 mobile games that subscribers can download from the Netflix app on Android or iOS devices. For those who have actually played the games, they have been largely satisfied and impressed as these titles have no ads or microtransactions.

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