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How to adapt your content marketing strategy to your brand

Your content marketing strategy should be unique to your business and your audience. Some rely on social platforms, like Instagram. While others choose video creation and blogging.

Because there are so many options, it can be confusing and overwhelming. While that’s true, using the tips I’ve created below will help you achieve that goal.

Use Instagram to Grow and Leverage Your Audience

Instagram gives you several unique opportunities to start interacting and engaging with your audience. You can take advantage of reels, stories, feed posts, direct messages, and more. Find the post types that work best for you by trying out a few. When you find what works, you can build a strategy based on it.

Write blogs that help show your authority or expertise

By now you know that blogging is a great way to engage and inform your audience. However, now is the time to take it a step further and make sure your audience trusts the content you create. Show your expertise or authority in your industry by sharing thematic blogs based on your experience.

Ask your audience what they want

Although it may seem logical, asking your audience what they want to read is an effective strategy. If you have regular readers and email subscribers, you can create a poll to see what other types of content they might want.

You can also answer questions you’ve received from your audience and answer them in your blog. These are two effective ways to ensure that your blog is interesting and provides readers with the information they are looking for.

See what your competitors are doing

Find popular companies and blogs in your industry and see what kind of content they post. Which of their messages encourages engagement? Are there certain topics that generate more comments, discussions and social shares than others?

Move your leads through the funnel

The content you create should encourage visitors to go from “just looking” to “ready to buy”. When this happens, it means that a visitor turns into a prospect, that is, someone interested in what you have to offer but not ready to make the purchase.

It’s up to you to nurture and convince those prospects to become buyers and support your brand. You can do this with the right blog content and by making content updates.

Using Quora

Quora is the popular question and answer site. It’s great for driving traffic. Take the time to browse Quora to see the types of questions people are asking about your service or product. Once you have a few, start creating blog posts.

Create a personalized content experience for your audience

If you want to make sure your audience engages with and uses the content you post, personalizing it based on what they want to read is a must. The tips above can help you achieve this goal.

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