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How to create a photo collage as a post on Instagram

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Check out how to create photo collage as Instagram post

An Instagram collage is a collection of shared photos that you share in a single photo or video. Normally I compare it to the Instagram grid, but share it as a photo. In recent years, Instagram collages have kept popping up. However, it wasn’t until last year that the trend really took off when more and more users created visually appealing collages on their Instagram Stories. And it all started as a trend among influencers and brands that wanted to express themselves more creatively. But many users have followed it and the rest is history.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way from starting creating simple collages to using a variety of apps to combine backgrounds, images, and videos to create stunning graphics. .

Create Instagram collage using layout option

Instagram layout option is a feature that allows you to create images using various layouts and features, especially the collage feature. However, you’re limited to specific collage layouts that limit the number of photos you can use, like a 2 × 2, 4 × 4, 3 × 3, or 1 × 3 setting. Additionally, the feature does not allow images to be placed in random sections or overlap. Using Instagram’s layout option is perhaps the simplest of the collage options, but it does have its limitations. Here’s how to create an Instagram collage story using the Layout option.

  • Launch the Instagram app from your smartphone.
  • Press “Your story”.
  • Select the “Design” icon from the vertical menu on the left side.
  • Choose your layout option, such as “1 × 3”, “4 × 4”, “3 × 3”, etc.
  • Choose your images for each section, starting with the top left region. To add photos, tap the gallery icon in the lower left corner or tap the white circle to take a photo with your camera.
  • Once you have selected the image, press the “check mark.” to confirm. Your image is added to the collage.
  • Repeat “Steps 4 through 5” to add an image to each predefined section of your collage.

Create Instagram Collage Using Stickers on iOS and Android

Using “stickers” on Instagram is perhaps the best method for creating a collage if you want full control over its appearance. When you enter “Your Story” and choose the “Stickers” option, you can choose and customize your background and choose or create photos for collage. The main advantage of this method is that there is no restriction on the number of images you can have in your collage. Rotate, resize, move and layer them as you like. You can make awesome collages!

  • Instagram launch.
  • Tap “Your Story” at the top or the “” icon at the bottom.
  • If you touched the “” icon in “Step 1”, select “History” at the bottom of the screen. If you clicked on “Your Story”, just continue with “Step 3”.
  • To add the background, tap the thumbnail icon at the bottom left to choose an existing image or just take a photo to serve as the background. If you want a black background, place the camera face down on a surface.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the background image (not from the screen) to display the “Label” options. Tap the “Gallery” icon next to the “Camera” icon to display the Pictures / Camera Roll library on your phone.
  • Choose an image to add to your collage, which will become a sticker on your background. The image now appears on the chosen background.
  • Resize and rotate the image as needed using two fingers, then hold it down to move it where you want. You can redo everything later if needed.
  • If you need to delete an image, hold it down and drag it to the trash can icon that appears.
  • Repeat “Steps 4-6” for each image you want to add to your Instagram collage.
  • When you’re done, tap “Your Story” in the lower left corner.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the process.

Final Words: How to Create a Photo Collage as an Instagram Post

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