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How to fix “Chrome Request Desktop site not working” issue on iPhone

This tutorial is for how to fix “Chrome Request Desktop site not working” issue on iPhone. We will do our best to make sure you understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to fix “Chrome Request Desktop site not working” issue on iPhone. If your answer is yes, please share it with your friends after reading this.

Check How To Fix “Chrome Request Desktop Site Not Working” issue on iPhone

Many times we have issues with multiple site visits as some websites are for both mobile devices and PCs but some are PC only. For which “Google Chrome” allows your “Request sites to be seen as desktops” on your phone, which helps you to visit the website in the same way as on a PC. But it took a long time to see that it works well on Android instead of iPhone. So today we are mainly talking about Can we activate call desk site on iPhone? If so, how can you and do you also have a problem with the desktop site? There are many methods to solve this problem, but we’ll walk you through the basics.

Manually download the latest and legacy versions of Safari browser

Developers and QA agents can manually download the latest and previous versions of Safari to their devices and test websites on them. However, this process requires a lot of time and effort. Downloading and installing individual browser versions is an inefficient task.

Plus, testing different versions of Safari on real iOS devices means teams need to have device labs onsite. Having such laboratories involves enormous investments, both financial and human. Its regular maintenance and updating involves additional overhead costs.

Using the browser stack to test websites on real devices

For comprehensive cross-browser testing on a variety of browser and device versions, teams need the ideal testing infrastructure. Browser Stack does just that by providing teams with cloud-based access to over 2,000 real devices and browsers. The Real Device Cloud Browser Stack provides the following:

  • Real Android and iOS devices (newer and older phones)
  • Windows and macOS environments running on real machines
  • Popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and others

Final Words: How to Fix “Chrome Request Desktop Site Not Working” Problem on iPhone

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