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How to fix ‘The content package is no longer available’ issue 2022

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Check how to fix “The content package is no longer available”

There’s nothing worse than not being able to access Warzone due to a bug that seems to come out of nowhere at the worst possible time. Although sometimes these issues are caused by game servers temporarily shutting down, most of the time the player needs to find the solution. One of the most common Warzone bugs currently circulating involves a pop-up saying “content pack is no longer available”. This usually means that one of the game files is corrupted and preventing Warzone from launching. Warzone has become one of the top contenders in the Battle Royale genre. Despite their ability to deliver great content with every patch, no developer is immune to unpredictable bugs or server outages that can prevent players from connecting to servers.

The “Content pack is no longer available” error often appears with code 6039. The error mainly occurs with drives that may have corrupted or missing files in their installation directories. As you enjoy Warzone and join game after game, the developers might have implemented a small fix in the background. Such a patch may result in the error “The content pack is no longer available” and be kicked out of the game. Once you return to your desktop or home screen, the update should start installing automatically.

How to fix the Warzone error “The content pack is no longer available”

Unlike most Warzone errors, there is no need to search for a complex solution that may involve a complete reinstallation. Sometimes the bug affects players waiting in the pre-game lobby after a small patch arrives. Most of the time, the update should start downloading automatically, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to check for the update manually. Here’s how to manually check for a Warzone update.

  • Go to the control panel or home screen.
  • Enter the game library.
  • Highlight Warzone and press “Start”.
  • Select “Check for updates”.
  • If an update is available, the download will begin.

Final Words: How to Fix “The Content Package is No Longer Available”

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