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How to increase sales on Instagram with content marketing?

Today, developing a personal brand has become the most productive way to interact with customers. This strategy allows you to create an inflow of interested leads, provide them with maximum benefit, build trust, and build lasting relationships. In this article, we will see how to run a business blog to achieve high results in the form of leads, customers, and sales.

How to create an effective content strategy?

On social networks, brands interact with a cold audience, so before selling, you have to attract potential customers and make them want to buy. Content on Instagram is divided into three main types: engaging, heating, and selling. Each of them takes the user to the next level of the sales funnel and helps increase sales.

The first step in the sales funnel is engaging content. It is necessary to engage the audience in brand communication and serves to increase reach and loyalty.

A simple mechanism to increase activity is to conduct surveys. Pick a controversial or heated topic related to your product or service and come up with multiple responses. It’s important to work with your audience and respond to user comments to create a relaxed atmosphere and retain followers.

Organize interactive games that allow you to quickly get a lot of comments and encourage users to communicate with each other. Create discussions between subscribers. Bring up a controversial topic of discussion and invite everyone to talk about it.

To keep the attention of a new audience, it is important to ensure the initial activity. At first, it is effective to buy real instagram followerslikes, comments, etc. This will create a mass effect and start the natural scaling process.

After attracting new subscribers and engaging them in communication, you need to tell them about the business. With the help of warm content, you can convey brand values ​​and benefits, show your expertise and build loyalty.

Post life hacks in your field to show off your expertise and make life easier for your audience by solving their day-to-day problems. Do detailed reviews on a topic that customers often have questions about. Show the interior kitchen of working processes. Show how you actually work, develop products, package them and deliver them. Thus, you will remove some of the objections.

Post reviews. Ask customers about their experience with your product or service. This will close objections from the public and prove the quality of your products or services.

The third stage of the funnel is the sale. It is important to present the goods and services, to describe their properties and to say why it is worth choosing them. With such content, you encourage a warm audience to buy. Encourage purchases with promotions, present themed collections to show the variety of your assortment and help customers choose.

How to use psychological triggers?

The goal of any marketing activity is to convince people to buy a product or service. To this end, promotion experts actively use triggers – psychological techniques that subconsciously push the consumer to perform a particular step.

One of the most effective triggers is social proof. As part of society, a person involuntarily looks at others and is usually guided by the opinion of the majority. For this, it is effective to indicate the number of customers who have already purchased the product, to post testimonials and success stories. In social networks, this trigger is easy to reinforce with the help of high statistics in the profile. That’s why most entrepreneurs regularly buy Instagram followers and other activity metrics.

Another way to encourage impulse buying is to convince a member of the target audience that a good deal is about to expire. This trigger activates the desire not to miss the opportunity to save and prompts a quick response to the promotional offer.

In any target audience, there is a segment of buyers for whom the reliability of the product comes first. For this group of customers, the availability of a warranty certificate, refund, free service becomes a decisive factor.

In summary, running a business blog is a long-term strategy, but with the right approach, the investment of time and effort will reap huge financial returns.