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How to Use AirPlay on Roku to Stream Content 2022 Tip

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Check how to use AirPlay on Roku to stream content

In addition to the streaming options built into your Roku, you can use Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream various media files from your Apple device to your Roku. If your Roku device supports AirPlay, you can stream music, photos, and videos from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to your Roku-enabled display. To do this, you first need to set up AirPlay on your Roku. Developed by Apple, AirPlay mainly works with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. In comparison, Android and Google products use Google Cast. AirPlay lets you stream a variety of media, including photos, music, and videos, to your Apple TV, Roku, and compatible smart TVs.

Like Google Chromecast, Roku lets you cast your apps directly from your smartphone or tablet to your TV screen. But Roku goes a step further by offering an easy-to-use interface that gives you the option to launch apps directly from your Roku or control them from your mobile device. Traditionally, AirPlay is handled within Apple’s infrastructure, ie. H. from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

However, there are ways to open AirPlay on third-party devices like Roku. Roku makes the most popular streaming devices in the world. If you have streaming apps or use alternative cable service, you’re probably no stranger to devices. In fact, Roku offers a wide range of media players, so you’re likely to find the perfect device that matches your specs.

How to Use AirPlay on Roku to Stream Content

Make sure your hardware is compatible

While most Roku TVs and players support AirPlay, there are a few stragglers who didn’t make it. Luckily, Roku has broken down exactly what hardware is ready for the AirPlay 2 handshake. Ideally, your Roku gear should be running OS 10 for the best AirPlay 2 support, though several devices work just fine with OS 9.4.

Note: Roku recently released Roku OS 11, which includes a ton of new features, none of which will affect the ability of supported devices to work with AirPlay.

As for your Apple hardware, you need to make sure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is running iOS 12.3 or later. If you’re streaming with a MacBook or iMac, you need to be running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 or later.

Clarify your connections

For AirPlay 2 streaming to work, your Roku and Apple product must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Confirm this by checking the network settings of both devices. Everything is fine? Next, you’ll want to make sure your Roku is ready to stream. To do this, turn on your Roku. On the home screen, go to Settings, then scroll down to Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. If the slider is disabled, be sure to enable it.

Choose your content to stream

Depending on the source you’re using AirPlay 2 through (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), the actual button to start streaming will vary depending on the content. For example, the Amazon Video iOS app has the AirPlay 2 button in the top right corner of the chosen movie or show.

  • Look for a small rectangle with an up arrow below it. Once you tap the Cast button, you will be prompted to select the device you want to cast to. Select your compatible Roku and stream your episode of The Boys from your mobile phone to your TV screen.
  • For Apple Music subscribers, the AirPlay 2 button is located directly below the play/pause control console for the track you’re listening to. The emblem is also a bit different. Instead of the rectangle and arrow combination, look for three small circles with an up arrow placed below them. Select your Roku when prompted to enjoy AirPlay 2 audio from your TV or soundbar.
  • Depending on the app you’re using, an AirPlay 2 button may not be directly available. In these cases, you will need to use the in-app broadcast or share button. For example, after selecting the YouTube streaming button, you will be prompted to select AirPlay 2 as the streaming medium. In other cases, you may need to tap the Share icon on your iOS or Mac device for the AirPlay streaming option to appear.

Mirror your device screen to your TV

In addition to streaming content from audio and video apps, you can also mirror the entire screen of your iOS device or Mac hardware using AirPlay 2.

  • If your hardware of choice is an iPhone or iPad, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the device’s control center.
  • From the onscreen options, tap Screen Mirroring, then select your compatible Roku. You may then be prompted for a password, courtesy of your Roku team. Tap the number displayed on your TV screen, then watch your entire mobile device screen stream to your TV.
  • For desktop hardware, the AirPlay option is in the macOS Control Center, located in the upper-right corner of the screen (the icon consists of two toggle bars). Click the icon, then Screen Mirroring, then your compatible Roku device. Enter the TV screen code if it appears. Your desktop screen should be cast to your TV. That’s all.

Final Words: How to Use AirPlay on Roku to Stream Content

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