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In today’s digital world, no commodity is more special than time. As things get faster and faster and our attention spans continue to dwindle, finding the perfect time to reach your target audience is a skill worth millions.

Unfortunately, not much can even be done by even the most effective person, especially with social media where every post is trying to get your attention at the same time. Get into post scheduler apps, which let you take control of your social media presence to find customers, drive site traffic, and stay in touch with your audience. With that said, who are the best post schedulers for social media?

To help you make an informed decision and improve your social media metrics, here is the best planning software in 2021, courtesy of AppSumo.

Best planning app 2021

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Designed for anyone who uses their personal Facebook profile for marketing purposes, this nifty tool lets you schedule content up to a year in advance for your profile. This app is also quite affordable and purchasing it will give you lifetime access.

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If you are using a WordPress based website for your services, this premium app is the perfect planning solution. Perfect for different uses, Brindle Booking is a WordPress based application that will allow you to book free / paid services, online meetings, Google calendar functionality, notification emails and many other features. Plus, the purchase now gives you lifetime access to the app!

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For maximum customization options, choose Blog Post Planner. It allows you to work your planning calendar around your upcoming tasks and posts. This planner is easy to use, lets you write in Notion, and even track all of your marketing actions, making it a feature-rich app worth buying.

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If you are trying to manage multiple business pages at once, then Social Web Suite is the perfect plugin for you. Easy to set up and use, this social media management tool saves you time by streamlining the process down to a T while you use the calendar to schedule each post. This way, you spend less time planning and more time creating meaningful and engaging posts.

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One of the best WordPress based scheduling apps on AppSumo, this app allows you to schedule unlimited posts and automatically share them on all major social media platforms. There are a few other key functions like drag and drop to set your schedule, manage multiple authors, or integrate different platforms. Add a Lifetime Access Key and you’re ready to get the most out of social media.

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With the speed of today’s times, it can be easy to lose track of all of your social media accounts. Fortunately, Ocoya is promoting itself as an easy solution to help you avoid this. By helping you manage all your content marketing and making tedious work easier, Ocoya uses the power of AI to help you design marketing campaigns and publish scheduled posts. You also get a custom caption, font, and color editor, and even a free built-in template library.

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FeedHive, another AI-based plugin available on AppSumo, allows you to generate fresh and engaging copy from pre-built templates and combine it with an automatic post scheduler to turn your content into sales opportunities. This way, you can accelerate your growth on social media with the least amount of effort, making it perfect for busy people.

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If you’re looking to take the guesswork out of social media by finding strategies that your competition is using, then Maybe * is the app for you. A tool that lets you know which content strategies are the most effective, this app tells you what to do and does it automatically for you through automated posts of various digital content.

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So you’ve just created what might be the best blog post or content for your audience, what now? You can use SendFox to automatically notify your audience through scheduled email lists. As an email marketing tool, SendFox makes it easy, giving you full control over the content you send to customers without breaking the bank.

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Another social media management tool, Sociamonials aims to streamline social media management from one place. This way, all the money you invest in your marketing campaigns will not be wasted and you will be able to see the results in real time. Its post scheduler is also top-notch, giving you everything from a month-long schedule to automatic repostings meant to generate income.

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Automation is the way of the future and Hexomatic makes it easy for you. Designed to streamline your workflow, Hexomatic provides over 40 out-of-the-box workflow automation ‘templates’ that can run everything from your website to your personal Facebook profile, doing all the tedious tasks for you, including scheduling posts. It works 24/7 from the cloud, so you can rest assured of its reliability.

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Do you manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, even LinkedIn? You’ve probably mastered everything by now. But is it tiring? Damn yes. With SocialQ +, you can say goodbye to it all by getting a social media “superhero” who can rush to streamline collaboration, analysis, and post scheduling from a single hub. Just create a basic post, customize and preview and launch it in the planner while you wait and relax. It’s so easy.