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Jeffree Star calls on Britney Spears fans over ‘bullying’ to remove post

Jeffree Star has a big bone to choose from with Britney Spears fans after the acclaimed singer deleted an Instagram post on the YouTuber.

Jeffree, a famous beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist, believes Britney fans were responsible for the removal and accused them of intimidating her.

Britney Spears posted about Jeffree Star

Last week, Britney took to Instagram to praise Jeffree after sending her a package of her branded makeup. As The Blast covered, the “Toxic” singer was in seventh heaven and thanked Jeffree for sending her “the coolest makeup ever.”

Jeffree Star / Instagram

Britney particularly praised the Holy Mist product from Jeffree’s collection, calling it the “bomb.” She even went ahead to call the YouTuber a “genius” before writing, “Holy Mist looks more like the sacred, it’s okay!”

It was definitely a big deal for Britney to hail Jeffree’s makeup brand, and he did well to admit it. The makeup guru took inspiration from her Instagram story to repost Britney’s post, describing it as “iconic.”

While Jeffree was delighted with Britney’s cry, many of his fans disliked him given his controversial past and history with racism.

Fans protested the publication

In the comments section of the post, many fans warned her to stay away from the 36-year-old YouTuber, with many describing him as “problematic.” One comment even said: “He’s using you, Queen!” Run and send back those evil products.

Jeffree star thanks Britney Spears

Another fan urged, “Britney, I love you but please don’t associate with Jeffree.” Most of the comments were negative and encouraged Britney to keep her distance from Jeffree.

It appears the 39-year-old has listened to her fans’ protests as Jeffree’s post has since been deleted from her page. However, Jeffree is not at all happy with this. In a recent update, he used his Instagram story to call on Britney fans to defend the deletion.

Jeffree slammed fans for harassing Britney

In the Instagram story update, Jeffree rocked her pink bathrobe and pink hair saying, “Britney Spears backed me up a few days ago and oh, that really made some of these girls crazy!”

The singer of “Lollipop Luxury” recalled that Britney called him “genius” and that made “these mothers really angry”. Pointing accusing fingers at fans, Jeffree then said:

It’s crazy that someone who has been in a mental prison for 13 years finds joy in something and you all have to bully her into deleting her post. It’s so sad!

Fans, however, haven’t stopped bashing the YouTuber. Many have turned to Twitter to shame him for trying to “take advantage of a woman who has just regained her freedom.”

Others have defended Britney’s decision to delete her post, sharing a video of Jeffree and blogger Perez Hilton mocking her during her tutorship.