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Jonah Larson Featured as “Michaels Maker” | Local News

Local crochet wonder Jonah Larson is among the craft entrepreneurs featured by Michaels stores as a Michaels Maker.

The arts and crafts store regularly features “Michaels Makers”, people from across the country who have created their own blogs, businesses or tutorials out of a passion for crafts. Larson’s company, Jonah’s Hands, is one of the Black or African American-owned entities featured this month.

Larson, 14, shot to fame after being featured in the La Crosse Tribune three years ago. The young crochet prodigy is renowned for his quick finger work, intricate designs, philanthropic spirit and wise nature beyond his years.

Since the age of 5, Larson, who was born in Durame, southeastern Ethiopia, and adopted as a toddler, has been honing his skills and creating a brand of books, clothes and kits. craftsmanship, as well as frequent television and media appearances. Larson used his success to promote Roots Ethiopia, raising funds and giving himself for the establishment of a library and science center in his home country.

Other black and African designers celebrated by Michaels are Tisa Jackson from Texas, Lydia Diaz from Florida, LaParis Phillips from New York and Ashlee Lee.