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Kayce Smith is having a baby! I become a satisfied grandmother – Grandma KK

Kayce Smith is having a baby! I’m going to have a happy baby! Kayce kindly offered to let me be a satisfied little grandma! Kayce announced her pregnancy last weekend in a blog post (Kayce’s blog). I knew she would be a great mom, but after listening to her talk about her parents, her upbringing, her boyfriend, and her thoughts on having a baby, it’s pretty clear is one lucky baby!

As Grandma Kontent, I hope my baby skills will come back soon. It’s been a few years. I lost the baby food taste test on Lowering the Bar. I tried to blame it on my allergies, but I guess that’s what 28 years off will do for you. Tommy Smokes is right, this is the test you want to lose…adults shouldn’t eat baby food, right? I never realized how they all tasted the same! I used to eat banana baby food when I was a teenager because I loved it. Some of my bar stool friends apparently still eat baby food! They’re technically babies here.

In honor of Kayce and the football season at Barstool Sports, I decided it would be a great time to return to Gridiron University. When my son was in high school, he played quarterback. I didn’t know much about football, so my friends sat next to me and kept me updated on all the gridiron events so I could cheer at the right time. I think I embarrassed a few when I encouraged the other team’s good call. Later my son Michael tried to teach me how the NFL playoffs work by drawing this diagram for me. It worked!

You can tell I loved the Patriots and it helped that Wes Welker was from Oklahoma. How can Tom Brady not be everyone’s favorite QB. Hence the drawing above.

Back at gridiron U, my husband and a few of his buddies are going to help me out with my football picks and why they think it’s a good pick – one college and one Pro a week. I asked Kayce how to formulate my bet choice. So much football jargon, so little time.

Kayce explaining FB Lingo

Good luck this weekend!