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KBR Secures DLA Contract for Automated Maintenance of Fuel Handling Equipment Site; Byron Bright quoted

KBR announced Monday that the company was awarded a five-year, $38 million contract to provide maintenance support and maintenance for 23 automated fuel handling equipment sites around the world by the Defense Logistics Agency.

“This work supports DLA’s efforts to reduce waste, improve productivity, and prevent environmental pollution, in addition to aligning with our Sustainable Development Goals and our commitment to Zero Harm,” the President said. of KBR Government Solutions. Byron Brighta triple Wash100 Price recipient.

The AFHE system is an industrial control system with real-time data acquisition/control and inventory management to automate transfer and inventory functions to reduce the risk of petroleum product spills and leaks.

Under the contract, KBR will provide maintenance and sustainment support and data analytics, including preventive and corrective maintenance, documentation and maintenance support equipment for supervisory control and acquisition data, and hardware site support capability for DLA’s automated fuel systems.

KBR provided Industrial control systems productivity services and solutions to government and commercial customers around the world for over 15 years. This contract also extends the company’s support for DLA through its differentiated supply chain solutions as a service.

“KBR is leveraging its expertise in industrial control systems to deliver more advanced productivity solutions to government and commercial customers,” added Byron Bright.

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