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Keurig Green Mountain coffee maker not turning on? Failure to descale may be to blame, class action claims

Maybe it’s time to switch to the old way of making coffee.

A proposed class action lawsuit alleges that three models of K-Supreme single serve coffee makers manufactured by Keurig Green Mountain and sold by Bed Bath & Beyond suffer from a defect affecting their self-cleaning function.

The 33-page lawsuit from New York states that if a consumer were to follow Keurig Green Mountain’s “inadequate” instructions to descaling their coffee maker with its exclusive descaling solution, the machine will become “completely deactivated”.[d].”

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Depending on the case, the problem arises because the coffee makers water tank empties completely during the descaling process and users are not prompted to add water. This causes the coffee maker to overheat and trips a “virtually inaccessible” thermal switch, leaving the machine unusable, the filing says.

Additionally, the only way a K-Supreme single-serve coffee maker can “bring it back to life” is for a user to disassemble the machine and “use a paper clip to press a tiny reset button in the center of the thermal. switch,” according to the complaint.

As the lawsuit says, the flaw in the Keurig Green Mountain coffee maker renders the product “essentially unusable” for regular users.

The lawsuit charges that, given the slew of consumer complaints and negative reviews online about the alleged descaling issue, the company “knows or should have known” that many customer machines won’t turn on after cleaning.

These complaints, and hundreds more like them, all tell a similar story: Keurig coffee makers displayed an alert that urged consumers to descale their coffee makers in order to maintain them and extend their life. However, rather than prolonging the useful life of the coffee makers, attempting to descale the coffee makers according to the instructions on the bottle of descaling solution actually disabled them completely.

Keurig instructions miss crucial water refill step, lawsuit claims

The filing explains that Keurig K-Supreme coffee makers are designed to have water flowing through them. Since water naturally contains minerals, these minerals build up inside the machine over time, and Keurig recommends users remove these mineral deposits through a descaling process approximately every three months or so. 250 uses, as applicable.

Depending on the combination, the company also recommends using its own proprietary descaling solution, which is labeled with instructions on how to descale any of the coffee machines involved.

The problem with the instructions, depending on the combination, is that they omit the crucial step of adding more water to the reservoir and don’t warn users that following the process will cause the coffee makers to stop working.

As the case shows, Keurig Green Mountain’s advertising and marketing for coffee makers and its descaling solution are false and misleading and omit essential information.

Ultimately, the lawsuit cries foul over Keurig’s representations that descaling its coffee machines will help preserve their long-term health and keep them running at “optimal performance.” The case says consumers wouldn’t have bought the products had they known that a flaw in Keurig’s descaling procedure makes it “impossible to service coffee makers.”

Bed Bath & Beyond, for its part, “knew or should have known” of the incomplete descaling instructions and the propensity of K-Supreme coffee makers to fail during descaling since the retailer had “adequate notice” of the defect. based on customer reviews and complaints, according to the lawsuit.

Which Keurig Green Mountain coffee makers are defective according to the lawsuit?

According to the complaint, the Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus and K-Supreme SMART single-serve coffee makers can be left unusable due to the alleged lack of descaling.

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Who does the case appear to represent?

The suit appears to cover all consumers in the United States who purchased a Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus Where K-Supreme SMART coffee maker or descaling solution within the applicable limitation period.

I own one of these coffee machines. How do I register?

To get started, you don’t have to do anything to “join” or “register” for a class action when it’s first filed. It is generally only if and when a lawsuit is settled that the consumers to whom the lawsuit relates, known as “class members,” need to act. Most often, this involves completing and filing a complaint form online or by post.

Keep in mind, however, that proposed class action lawsuits generally take some time to go through the legal process, usually toward settlement, dismissal, or arbitration.

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