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Latest blog post from Valheim developer discusses new content and more

Latest blog post from Valheim developer discusses new content and more

Since the release of Valheim, the developers have been praised as the game stood out from the crowd. Valheim is currently in Early Access and released on February 2, 2021. It is a survival sandbox video game. The game focuses on survival, cooperative play, and exploration. Are you ready for more content?

The developers at Valheim have published a blog post that discusses upcoming content, rewards, and more. The company has also released hotfix 0.205.5. This small patch introduces minor changes, bug fixes and new features. The changes in patch 0.205.5 are bug fixes that correct player and jump animations, music and network issues, and swamp volume settings. Other changes include:


* Full console control help


* Added new set of armor
* Something is stirring in the swamps

Plus, the devs are working on a ton of content for the swamp and a massive Mistlands update. The scenery has been improved and the mist sets in. Are you ready to explore the unknown?

In their blog post, the developers were proud to show off the game’s soundtrack. At the end of October, the company released the Valheim soundtrack on Steam and Spotify. The soundtrack is now available on Deezer, Youtube Music, TikTok and will soon be available on Apple Music. He brings that feeling of Valheim to life through music!

Finally, the developers note that it’s officially video game awards season! Valheim has already been nominated for a number of awards, including The Game Awards. Therefore, the blog post ends with the Iron Gate team asking fans for their votes in the Best Multiplayer and Best Indie categories.

What do you think of Valheim? Are you a fan of the game? Are you excited for the upcoming content? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.