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Launch of a new culinary site in Basel

A new restaurant in Basel proves the opposite with its concept. The name “Die Station” does not hide a stop at a train station, but an innovative bistro in the customer zone of Bank Cler on Aeschenplatz in Basel.

In order for a bank to be able to attract a younger clientele as well, it is now necessary to stage the branch in an attractive way as a meeting place with an experiential character. That’s why Banque Cler called on experienced food blogger and restaurant tester Tom Wiederkehr to design an innovative gastronomic meeting place.

From now on, the restaurant “Die Station”, which is perfectly connected to the premises of the bank, presents itself during the day as a modern gastronomic meeting area, where bank customers, passers-by and gourmets can enjoy themselves. Culinary delights from around the world that change regularly, combined with local and seasonal ingredients, promise that customers will never be bored from a taste point of view. After hours, Die Station – separated from the bank branch by a glass wall – transforms into a trendy bar.

Julia Mitteregger, interior designer at umdasch, was responsible for the design concept of Die Station and gives insight into the idea behind the concept: “Many elements of the gourmet bistro are inspired by the visual and formal language of a train station . The menu board, for example, looks like an old-fashioned drop-down notice board – except instead of train departure times, it provides information about delicious dishes. Acoustically, the atmosphere of the station is enhanced by the typical rattling noise of the sheets of letters turning over.

Additionally, clear zoning signage, as is common in train stations, is also used in the new restaurant. The coffee, bowl or pastry counters are boldly labeled and their design resembles modern interpretive ticket counters, allowing customers to quickly get a glimpse of the culinary delights available.