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Lead Storyteller, aka Digital Content & Communications Manager

Passionate about creating content for an inspired mission? Hacking Club is a non-profit educational association, led by a team of highly creative young software engineers, which operates a global network for tens of thousands of teenage coders around the world.

We are looking for a smart and creative storyteller to create media about Hack Club teens and what they create, as well as capture our inspiring vision and mission, and translate it to various platforms including social media, newsletters via email, op-doc videos. , blogs/opinion pieces, direct emails, and organized collaborations with large companies and technology organizations (while avoiding any corporate partnerships or advertising compromises).

In this new role, your goal is to tell the Hack Club story and place this content so that every tech teen in the world hears about us. Hack Club is run by engineers and half of our staff are under 25. Our donors include Elon Musk and a number of West Coast-based founding engineers.


  • Remote post. Travel to headquarters in Shelburne, Vermont 2-3 times per year

  • Full time, flexible hours Monday to Friday

  • 4 weeks paid vacation, plus 11 statutory holidays, plus health insurance

  • $2,000 hardware allowance (for example, to purchase a MacBook Air, large monitor, external keyboard and mouse)

  • SALARY: Competitive


  • You are an experienced digital content producer, successful in making content viral

  • You are a good editor. You can shape an idea and give solid feedback

  • Demonstrated ability to reuse long-form content (blogs/Op-Eds/chat transcripts) into micro-content (short videos or static posts, stories, memes).

  • Are super organized and an efficient planner

  • Have basic editing skills to make short videos

  • A self-employed entrepreneur and a hard worker

  • Are able to both see the day and zoom out to see the big picture

  • Above all, you like working with teenagers and you are technical


  • Owning and executing our goal of reaching every tech teen on the planet

  • Consistently post high-quality social media

  • Collaborate with major partners to distribute content (GitHub/FIRST)

  • Successfully help your team of 2-3 teenage content producers lead most projects

  • Examples of specific projects: organize and manage a 30 – 60 – 90 day content calendar, produce video content that tells the stories of Hack Clubbers, generate monthly blog posts, oversee the production of newsletters, offer large collaborations idea with YouTubers… and more


  • You are self-starter, enjoy working independently and can set goals

  • You are a sharp, detailed writer, who believes in showing without telling, and does not create promotional or corporate content

  • You like working with teenagers, and know how to help them carry out projects

  • You are really enthusiastic about telling highly technical stories and comfortable with not understanding a lot of terms/codes under the hood yourself

  • You have a proven track record of creating content, be it viral tweets or videos, journalism articles or short videos.

  • Software Skills: Expertise in social platforms, able to use Slack, Google Docs, spreadsheets and databases, and have basic video editing skills

  • Engineering/coding skills are a strong asset but not required

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact our research partner, Charlene Wallace, at [email protected]charlenewalace.comfor a confidential exploratory conversation.


HACK CLUB: One of the largest tech teen networks in the world

Hacking clubis a fun 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization founded by high school dropouts Zach Latta and run by a team of highly creative young engineers, managing a global network for tens of thousands of teenage coders around the world. We help high school coders start coding clubs, hackathons, and create awesome projects.


“Hack Club inspires a generation of teenagers

become highly technical builders, innovators and problem solvers”

Founded in 2014, with now 16 full-time employees, Hack Club’s mission is to support, inspire and motivate teens of all backgrounds to become highly technical and use their computer skills to solve our biggest problems. Our goal: to become as ubiquitous, as universal and as culturally fundamental to young people today as Boy Scouts and Boy Scouts were 70 years ago.

Headquarters are in Shelburne, Vermont.