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Learn more about blocking comments on the DA Social Media site – The Ukiah Daily Journal

For the editor:

To District Attorney David Eyster:

The district attorney’s public information messages must be available to everyone, whether on the county’s official website or on Facebook, the site of choice. Your call. But you cannot block access to the site at your discretion.

Please read the attached information and act accordingly. This is the second letter sent on this subject, with no response from your office.

It seems unwise to continue to flaunt public access guidelines and risk potential costly taxpayer challenges defending a district attorney’s practice that is clearly out of bounds.

“If a public official uses their account to perform their elected role, then their page or account is subject to the First Amendment. This means they cannot engage in most forms of censorship such as blocking someone or deleting someone’s comments just because of their topic or opinion. It is also generally unacceptable for the official to ask the platform to delete comments for them.

-Mike Geniella, Ukiah