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LG Craft ice maker not working? The problem stems from a defect, according to the class action

For lovers of cold drinks, a refrigerator capable of making large, perfectly formed ice cubes sounds like an invention available only in the distant future. According to a proposed new class action lawsuit, however, a current version of this potentially game-changing cocktail isn’t all it’s made out to be — and it’s caused plenty of hangover-free headaches for consumers.

The 39-page lawsuit from New Jersey alleges that the “homemade ice” makers in some LG refrigerators suffer from a defect that can cause the machines to fail. freeze, jam, leak or otherwise become inoperable within a few months or weeks of use.

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Some users have reported that as their faulty homemade ice maker continues to try to make ice, it will make loud noises which has led some to turn the component off completely “to avoid further disturbance”, according to the case. Other users would have complained that the defect caused the leaking of filtered water directed to the homemade ice maker in the freezer compartment.

The filing claims that defendant LG Electronics USA has known about the homemade ice maker problem since at least November 2020, “long before” most consumers bought their refrigerators. According to the complaint, LG heavily marketed the homemade ice maker feature to entice consumers to purchase the product at a higher price than competing refrigerators.

Although the company is well aware that expensive, Wi-Fi-equipped “smart” fridges are “unsuitable” for one of their purposes – i.e. making big, slow-melting scoops of ice cream – LG did not disclose the apparent defect. to the public and made “no effort” to resolve the issue before releasing the refrigerators, according to the case.

To complicate matters, the lawsuit adds, consumers have reported that replacement homemade ice makers installed by LG “are also inherently flawed and some will fail.”

“There is simply no way for plaintiffs and the class to restore their classroom refrigerators to working order, as there is no remedy for the defect,” the lawsuit alleges.

On the rocks?

Launched in September 2019, LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice was touted as the first refrigerator of its kind capable of making three types of ice: slow-melting rounded “craft ice” in the freezer drawer , and cubed and crushed ice inside the main refrigerator door. Since 2019, LG has launched various iterations and models of artisanal ice-making refrigerators, all of which the company has positioned as the gateway to “a new world of premium drinks” and an indispensable tool for home mixologists. and cocktail connoisseurs. , deposit relays.

Although LG has led consumers to believe that its homemade ice cream refrigerators are high quality, reliable and, most importantly, capable of making three types of ice cream, the products suffer from “pervasive and irreparable flaws” that freezing the ice maker and its components, preventing the refrigerator from creating homemade ice.

When the fault occurs, the LG Homemade Ice Maker will keep trying to make ice, indicate the combination, and sometimes produce a loud jackhammer sound. Some consumers have reported that when their homemade ice maker stopped working, filtered water directed at the component leaked into the freezer compartment, creating sheets of ice in the ice tray and the compartment itself, indicates the case.

The complaint says that although consumers have shared online their own homemade attempts to repair the homemade ice maker, including using a hair dryer to “unclog” the component, olive oil to lubricate the mechanisms. ostensibly blocked, or simply turning it off for a few days not real the fix is ​​available.

“In theory, there is only one way to permanently remedy the defect: replace the faulty homemade ice maker with a non-defective spare part”, the case clearly states. “LG, however, has not released a non-defective homemade ice maker, leaving consumers with no way to remedy the defect.”

Unfortunately for consumers, even if LG agrees to fix the problem under warranty, it does so using equally defective parts, according to the lawsuit.

LG’s warranty is of no help, case claims

Because there is no permanent fix for the ice maker problem, LG’s warranty offers little relief to consumers and “completely fails of its essential purpose,” the complaint states. Additionally, after LG’s one-year parts and labor warranty expires, the manufacturer either insists the defect doesn’t exist or refuses to provide further warranty coverage, the manufacturer says. court case.

As a result, consumers who have not paid for an extended warranty are forced to pay out of pocket to restore their refrigerator to working order (at least temporarily), even if LG previously replaced the faulty homemade ice maker under guarantee.

In light of LG’s ineffective warranty and repairs, LG refrigerator buyers whose homemade ice makers have stopped working have been caught between a rock and a hard place, the lawsuit summarizes.

“LG’s unlawful conduct placed plaintiffs and the class in an impossible situation,” the filing said. “Once the defect manifests, their only options are to purchase a non-defective refrigerator to replace a classroom refrigerator they paid a premium for, keep their defective classroom refrigerator and pay for multiple repairs, or give up to use the Craft Ice Maker function, without which they would not have purchased [their refrigerators] in the first place.

Who is covered by the LG Craft ice maker trial?

The case appears to cover anyone in the United States who has purchased an LG-branded refrigerator equipped with the homemade ice maker feature.

I own one of these refrigerators. How can I get involved?

When a proposed class action is filed, there is you have nothing to do to attach or add your name to the case. That’s because it’s only if and when a suit settles that consumers, called “class members”, need to act, usually by filling and filing a complaint form online or by mail.

If the lawsuit settles, consumers who are covered by the agreement will most likely be notified directly about it by post and/or email.

Keep in mind, however, that it may take some time before we get there (if we get there at all). Class action lawsuits tend to take a while to process the legal processusually en route to regulation, dismissal Where arbitration.

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