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Linda Ikeji fined N25m for fake post

In 2017, Ms. Linda Ikeji, a renowned Nigerian blogger, posted on her popular news blogs and other social media pages a false, malicious and defamatory article against Ms. Ajibola Ajayi. The message had quoted Ms Ajibola Ajayi for allegedly describing the protesting students at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso as “a generation of children with no manners”.

In 2018, Mrs. Ajibola Ajayi filed a lawsuit against Mrs. Linda Ikeji for defamation, false and malicious message and defamation against her person.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the court entered judgment in favor of the plaintiff and found that the post made by Ms. Linda Ikeji in her news blogs and other social media pages is false, malicious, slanderous and defamatory against the person of Mrs. Ajibola Ajayi.

N60,000 (or $140): Register before April 16, the anticipated deadline for benefits.

The Court further found that the publication made available to readers around the world had exposed the applicant to ridicule and subjected her to unnecessary attacks and criticism from members of the public who had read the article. incriminated.

The Court awarded general and exemplary damages in the amount of N25,000,000.00 (twenty-five million naira) to Mrs. Linda Ikeji and ordered Mrs. Ikeji to publish a written apology to the claimant in three national tabloids .

It is pertinent to say here that it is the well-established principle of law that defamation is actionable per se. This case will go further to show internet users that actions have consequences. You cannot simply post a false or malicious message or make up lies against another person and post on your blogs or social media pages in the name of “cruising” or to drive traffic to your page. If you do so and the person takes legal action against you, you will be liable for defamation and you will pay the damages.