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Lost Ark offers free content to convince players to swap servers

Lost Ark makes switching servers a more attractive option with free items, now that popular servers all seem to have very long wait times.


Ready and set for today’s launch, lost ark Seems to be struggling to handle the number of gamers trying to play the game. The Amazon-funded MMORPG has already become one of the most popular games on Steam even before its full release, but developer Smilegate hopes to get a grip on it soon. long wait queues.

One of the ways Smilegate attempts to mitigate lost arkThe issue on launch day is to make it easier for owners of the game’s founders’ packs to switch servers. Namely, the items contained therein (resources, boosters, titles, etc.) will be provided to players again, at provided they choose to switch from playing on the more popular servers to the less populated ones.


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This announcement comes less than 24 hours after Smilegate’s attempts to limit the number of characters created on certain game servers, as it does not appear that these initial measures have been good enough to ensure fast wait times for all players. . What makes these problems particularly remarkable is that they appeared before lost arkthe actual launch. Given that all Founder’s Pack owners were granted three days of early access to the game, it seems Smilegate simply didn’t expect such a massive influx of players in the first place.


In addition to giving Founder’s Pack owners all of their original goodies when switching servers, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Founder’s Pack purchasers will also benefit from an additional currency, Royal Crystals. The specific amount varies from Founder’s Pack to another, depending on how much money a player may have spent, but the currency should be a nice addition for customization-minded players, as lost ark offers many cosmetics.

Although there have been location-related controversies surrounding lost ark, the developer seems intent on letting nothing go with the way it handles paid content and cosmetics. There is an end to Smilegate’s compensation offer, however. Players have until February 14 at 12:00 PM PT to select a new server and redeem their items, as the offer will no longer be valid thereafter.

Also note that this will not be an ongoing deal. Smilegate’s blog post specifically states that this cosmetic and resource refund is a one-time offer and players should be aware of which server they choose to redeem them on. To that end, it might not be a bad idea to check out at least a few different servers to see which works best. With Japanese, Korean and Russian lost ark servers up and running since before the game launched in the west, chances are Smilegate is handling this reasonably well in the long run.

lost ark is now available for free on PC.

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