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Love and Thunder Content, Bonuses

A new Marvel movie has officially hit theaters with Thor: Love and Thunder releases this weekend, and with it comes new content for Marvel’s Avengers. The game which is constantly getting new skins for different heroes – skins often inspired by the appearance of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – is currently hosting an event that gives players tons of experience to play as Thor, but only for a limited time. This is in addition to a previously revealed skin for Thor which should give the hero a look reminiscent of his appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Marvel’s Avengers the team talked about the plans for the Thor: Love and Thunder link recently in one of the game’s blog updates, but it’s only now that the XP bonus event for Thor has started. Announced on June 30 and available from July 8, those who play as Thor will get triple XP by July 14.

“The Odinson won’t sit idly by even though a new Thor has come to town!” the Marvel’s Avengers team said previously. “From 08/07 to 14/07, enjoy a Triple-XP week for Thor and upgrade the God of Thunder!”

In case you haven’t seen it before it hit the game market, there’s also a new skin that people can grab after (or in preparation) to see the new movie. The outfit is directly inspired by the movie version of Thor and can now be found in the shop. you can see what it looks like below courtesy of one of marvel avengers team announcements.

To top it off, there’s another live bonus now for Thor players. During the same duration as the XP event, there’s a sale going on in the in-game store that will give you discounts on Thor items, but don’t expect to get this new skin at a discount.

“From 08/07 to 14/07, you can get 50% off all Thor cosmetics (excluding new and Exotic rarity items),” said the Marvel’s Avengers says the team. “Combine that with Thor’s triple XP week during the same period, and you’ll have the God of Thunder fashionable and powered up in no time!”