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MAKER Annie Diamond stands up for others

Annie Diamond, regional sales manager for New England at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, never thought of a career on Wall Street. At Dartmouth College, she studied French language and literature and took a plethora of liberal arts courses, without once taking a finance or economics course. She was just as surprised as her family when she landed at Goldman Sachs, in human resources, sifting through incoming resumes for vacancies within the company.

Soon she realized that she too might have a chance to seize these openings. “On a whim, I applied and was offered a client service position in the equity derivatives desk,” she recalls.

Not knowing what a derivative was, she “got cold”. Yet, with her curiosity and knack for learning quickly, she excelled for several years on the derivatives desk. Then, an opportunity presented itself at Morgan Stanley, in its Prime Brokerage group, where she spent several years in customer service, sales and corporate advisory roles, serving as a primary point of contact for hedge funds. . “I need to talk and relate to people, as well as win new business,” Annie learned about herself. “I can’t be stuck behind a spreadsheet! »

Her desire to win dates back to her childhood, which Annie fondly remembers, growing up outside of Boston with supportive parents and two younger brothers close to her in age. “We were super competitive,” says Annie, who recalls playing Candyland as a family and “needing to win every game!”

Despite her early success in the industry, Annie struggled with a lack of confidence. “I sold myself short without thinking that I could succeed. If I could go back,” she adds, “I would say to my 20-year-old self, ‘Be confident; you have what it takes.'”

Today, that is precisely what she tells her team members. Always leveraging her strong desire to win, Annie has set up many forums in her area for her peers to share their best ideas and measure their success. “If you’re trying to create change or lead an initiative, you need to be able to measure your progress towards that goal,” she insists.

Annie is a strong advocate for her team members as well as her many mentees. “Mentoring is important to me. No one can do it alone,” she says. “I love seeing others find their way, having confidence in their voice.”

Co-chair of the Greater Boston chapter of the firm’s Women in Wealth networking group, Annie is also a visible and vocal champion for women and diversity in general. She is grateful for Morgan Stanley’s diversity initiatives and for being “the employer of choice for women and all members of a working family.”

In 2010, after living in New York for eight years, she wanted to return home to Boston. She was able to explore opportunities in other areas of the company, landing a newly created position at Prime Brokerage’s Boston office. “At that point, I realized that Morgan Stanley wasn’t just a place to work,” says Annie. “It’s a family.”

To help with her mission to foster a new generation of financially savvy girls and increase the number of women working in finance, Annie volunteers with Invest in Girls. “It’s wonderful to see the girls in this program learn about finance and explore careers in financial services,” says Annie, a member of the advisory board that has extended Morgan Stanley’s involvement beyond Boston to New York and beyond.

She also enjoys teaching her two children, who are 8 and 6 years old. Having spent so much time with them at home during the pandemic, Annie is proud when “they hear me on work calls and then ask me questions and see their mom in action.” Like when Annie, who calls herself a “Peloton fanatic,” was asked to moderate Morgan Stanley’s Lessons in Leadership virtual client event and interview ally love, CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor and host in the Brooklyn Nets arena. “It was amazing to hear about his career and his drive,” beams Annie, who was so happy to have her kids watching the interview from home.

Described by colleagues as a “true force for change”, Annie was recently named a Morgan Stanley MAKER, joining a distinguished group of women and men, all nominated by their peers for their achievements. She is grateful for the support she has received and is determined to “pay it forward”. She says that “MAKERS are bold; they are not afraid to speak out and create change”.

This requires a high level of resilience, Annie acknowledges. “In our jobs and in life, we have to be strong and carry on. You’ll get through this,” she says with certainty. “Now let’s go.”