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MAKER Kevin McCarty makes sure diversity thrives

At Morgan Stanley for 32 years now, Miami resort manager Kevin McCarty has “the privilege of managing the largest resort [by revenue] in the country,” he beams. However, that’s not what makes him most proud. What is needed is “being able to foster an inclusive community of employees from different cultures, races and backgrounds”.

Admired throughout the firm for leading one of its most diverse complexes, Kevin works hard to ensure everyone has the same inclusive experience he has had throughout his career. “I had an incredible journey at Morgan Stanley,” says Kevin, who is openly gay. He came out of cabinet at the age of 30.

“I am who I am,” he adds. “When you are genuine, honest, caring, and empathetic, people respect you the most.” He works hard to make sure everyone, “whether you’re Latino or Asian, black or white, gay, straight or transgender, feels comfortable talking about their personal lives.”

Kevin, an only child who grew up in Hollywood, Florida, is grateful to his family and how they shaped his life. “My parents were high school sweethearts and put each other first for over 58 years,” including when her father cared for her mother as she struggled through a long battle with multiple sclerosis. “His strength was incredible. She never once asked, “Why me?”

As a young boy, Kevin remembers going to work with his hardworking father on Sundays at the grocery store he ran, a position he rose through the ranks of after being a bag boy. “I saw the way he respected his employees no matter what,” Kevin says. “I admired the sacrifices he made to ensure my mother and I had a wonderful life.”

With the strength of his mother and the loyalty of his father, Kevin says he is proud of his 17-year relationship with partner Henri and the way the firm has always embraced him. “Morgan Stanley knows me as a married man, a divorced man, a man who is coming out and a man who is now married to a great man. Through all my evolutions, I have always felt supported.

A popular kid in high school who was class president his junior and senior years, Kevin went to the University of Florida and then met and married his ex-wife, with whom he remains good friends. Very keen on fitness in college, Kevin participated in mini-triathlons and was training when a gentleman approached him and said, “You seem like a pretty competitive guy; have you ever considered a role on Wall Street?

Kevin started out as an intern, working in the mailroom and fetching cheeseburgers for lunch. Soon he was rotating with a different financial adviser each week, then was sent to New York as part of the firm’s training program. The intern then became licensed and built his practice from the ground up. “Other people in my training class were smarter and had better conversational skills, but no one was going to top me,” Kevin recalls. “I work just as hard today as when I started.”

Motivated to be in management but never wanting to give up his business backlog, Kevin became a production sales manager before being given the management of an entire branch. Today, he oversees a team of 600 people, including more than 50 managers, 320 financial advisors and 250 service professionals who collectively manage $85 billion in assets.

He takes great pride in being there for every employee and “supporting the growth of our advisors’ practices,” while making it clear that he doesn’t read minds: “Information is power,” says -he. “Let’s be extremely clear with each other. I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver while making sure I delegate to talented people who share my vision and can execute. »

Its team includes international advisors and Morgan Stanley’s largest offshore complex. At first, Kevin feared that his inability to speak Spanish and Portuguese would hamper his management abilities. “Not being from Latin America, I was concerned about the cultural fit with staff and customers coming from Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil.” Yet he managed to be “the connector” that brings them the right tools, strategies and research to help create and manage wealth in Latin America. It turns out that “the strength was our differences. Just knowing these differences has actually brought us closer together.

Over the past 10 years, Kevin has recruited over 100 financial advisors and has been named Complex Manager of the Year multiple times. He loves to lean in and “help out anyone with a diverse background that maybe doesn’t come naturally to this industry,” says Kevin, who has served as a godfather and mentor to many women as well as LGBT+ employees. “That’s where my time is well spent.” His active support for the LGBT+ community extends beyond the firm to the greater Miami area, where he also volunteers with Feeding South Florida and other organizations that support underserved communities.

Reflecting on his career, Kevin calls his work at Morgan Stanley “the trifecta: I’m in my hometown, I work at the best company on Wall Street, and I have my dream job.”

Recently appointed Morgan Stanley MAKER, joining a distinguished group of women and men, all nominated by their peers, Kevin is grateful. “One of the most amazing things about being nominated is knowing it’s coming from my peers,” he says. “Every day I try to lead by example and do the right thing. Being named MAKER is confirmation that I have done it.