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Malaysian content creator’s family material connects him to his audience

Due to the pandemic, full-time blogger and influencer Wilson Ng has naturally chosen to shift his content to family-oriented content.

Ng, 41, married with two sons aged nine and seven, runs PlacesAndFoods.coma blog that focuses on food and travel.

However, when Covid-19 hit, he began to focus more on family-related topics.

“Travelling was not possible during the movement control order and even now it is difficult because my two children are in school,” he says. “Restaurants were also doing more delivery and takeout around this time.”

Now that the lockdowns are over and the country’s borders are reopened, Ng has started blogging about travel again, but not as much as before.

“I used to be able to travel 20 times a year, but now I focus more on family (subjects),” he says.

“It’s also a natural progression since I’m promoting things that my own family would use or have,” Ng says, adding that his posts are mostly about family getaways, food, events, and other things that are helpful to people. families.

“The pandemic has been both good and bad for families. Although it has been difficult for many, it has also helped some families to come together,” he says, adding that this is true in his case.

His wife Rachel Ting has returned to work in a bank, so Ng, who works from home, takes care of their children.

“I spend a lot of quality time with them, and my wife and sons feature a lot in my social media posts – whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram – as well as on my blog,” he says.

“It’s just because even though I have a general audience, families are one of my main target audiences.

“It also depends on the content of each publication. Some of my posts are more family oriented, so they will also feature my wife and kids,” he adds.

“My two boys love seeing themselves in my posts. They are especially excited when they see my videos,” he says.

Ng says he only posts pictures of his children in public places and does not reveal many personal details about them, to protect them.Ng adds that his wife and children support him as a content creator.

“Actually, my wife is quite happy since my flexible working hours allow me to take care of the children…yes, like a housewife,” he laughs good-naturedly.

Be sincere and genuine

Ng shares that the most important characteristics or qualities of an influencer are honesty and authenticity.

Many people have the perception that influencers should be young and sexy, but it all depends on their target audience and the type of products/services being promoted. In fact, there are housewives, children (teens) or seniors who are influencers, he says.

“There have been a lot of new influencers in different genres in recent years. A lot of them are really good at what they do, so it’s good to stick to your own niche,” Ng says.

Ng shares that he became a social media influencer in 2007 “by accident.”

“I liked to blog for fun and I would post about the places I had been and the foods I had tried,” reveals Ng, who worked at a video production company at the time.

His first “official” paid post as an influencer was about his visit to New York.

Gradually, his “influence activities” changed from part-time to full-time. From a blogger, he evolved into social media, namely Facebook and Instagram.

“My audience is of a similar age range – 30s and 40s – on Facebook, while those on Instagram are younger, in their 20s.

“However, trends have changed somewhat and more and more people have taken to Instagram, especially during the pandemic.”

stay safe

Ng (left) with his wife and two sons.Ng (left) with his wife and two sons.

Some influencers don’t like to post about their family members, especially their children, for safety reasons. But Ng thinks it’s fine to do so, as long as you take the necessary precautions.

“We only post photos of our children in public places and we don’t reveal much about their school or their activities. We also don’t mention their real names,” he says.

“Besides, we’re not that famous yet…”, he adds modestly, laughing.

Ng recently started a second toy review blog called SimpleToysTV.

“I write about things I’m passionate about, so it’s authentic and readers can feel my enthusiasm when reading my posts. That’s what makes an influencer ’emotional,'” he concludes.