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Marina’s police chief is appointed to sit on the state’s POST commission on police training. | New

Governor Gavin Newson appointed four people to the Commission on Standards and Training of Peace Officers (POST) on December 1. One of them is Marina Police Chief Tina Nieto.

The governor appoints 15 commissioners, who must be confirmed by the state Senate. Appointees receive no compensation for their advisory roles and serve for overlapping three-year terms. POST commissioners include seats for law enforcement professionals, county administrators, educators, and community members.

This commission is responsible for setting state standards for the training and selection of law enforcement agencies. More than 600 agencies statewide participate in the POST program, which offers training courses, assessment tools, and research on improving agent selection standards.

Over the next few months, the committee will work on the implementation of Senate Bill 2, aimed at increasing accountability in law enforcement by creating a system to report, investigate, revoke or suspend accreditation of ‘a law enforcement officer and prohibit him from serving as a peace officer in the event that an officer commits serious misconduct.

Nieto, 58, has been Marina’s police chief for four years and she has been Monterey County Community Restorative Justice Commissioner since 2018. Nieto is also running for Monterey County Sheriff in 2022.

Prior to joining Marina PD, Nieto worked for 28 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, where she became the first Latina in the LAPD to achieve a Captain’s Level 1.