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Meta: Monetizing Facebook Videos with a Licensed Song – Post Malone, Tove Lo and MORE Features

Meta has announced that there’s a new way to get monetization on Facebook, and that’s through videos that content creators post. Its recent update is “Music Revenue Sharing”, and it allows audiences to earn money for their videos of 60 seconds or longer, as long as they use songs from the licensed library of the social media of various artists.

It includes top hit songs from renowned artists like Post Malone, Tove Lo and other artists from the library.

Meta: Facebook Music Revenue Sharing for Monetization

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Meta’s blog post announced its latest company for all to see. The Facebook Music revenue share will provide content creators with a licensed music library to use for videos. The company said it gives its creators and influencers more chances to access music and rank for monetization in online music videos.

Music revenue sharing goes both ways for content creators and the music artists who own it. Facebook videos longer than 60 seconds are immediately ranked for monetization, with videos containing in-app ads that would earn them money from audience views.

Both the content creator and the music artist or rights holder will win in this new Facebook process.

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Earn money and use licensed songs for better videos

Facebook said its licensed music library is available in the Meta Business Suite, where users can scroll and choose from those available online. It features top hits and other musical discoveries from various artists including Post Malone, Tove Lo, Leah Kate, Grupo La Cumbia, and more.

The video must have a visual component throughout, and clips that only feature music may not generate revenue from Facebook.

Facebook and its offers for creators

Meta is, first and foremost, a company that provides a social networking experience for everyone, and it offers the public a massive platform where they can share and express themselves and also earn a living. People who use it for their business or career get monetization from their Facebook or Instagram posts, with the company pausing its monetization cuts until 2024.

Another new feature from Facebook is its Groups channel feature which will bring different threads and specific conversations grouped together on other topics. Here, content creators and group admins help provide additional platforms for the world to enjoy, focusing on features like what Discord offers everyone.

Facebook is still a company where monetization is a big factor for content creators, and there’s no denying that its platform is massive where millions of daily active users visit. Now it helps give content creators more functionality to source music and have an easier way to credit songs, avoiding strikes or disputes with regulators.

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