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Miami Beach Traffic Ticket Typo redirects to Donald Trump MAGA Merch site

Tickets are enough to ruin a day, but imagine going online to pay the fine and being directed to a website that peddles Donald Trump swag.

This has happened to an unknown number of motorists who have been pulled over by Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) officers for alleged traffic violations in recent weeks.

According to MBPD spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez, when a driver receives a ticket in Miami Beach, they also receive a flyer explaining how to pay the fine. However, a recent batch of these flyers included a seemingly insignificant typo in the web address that ostensibly directed users to the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts site. The correct link is, but the URL on the flyers says “,” without the hyphen.

Although English-language dictionaries have removed hyphens from thousands of words over the years, any Internet-savvy human is well aware that every character in a URL is crucial.

Sometimes redirects to a sloppy-looking online store called Find Sale, which is filled with more Trump merchandise than Enrique Tarrio’s closet. The site features a “Trump 2024” embroidered camo baseball cap, a “Take America Back 2024” flag, and various items that spell out the Trump base’s latest war cry, “Let’s go Brandon.” The website appears to have been registered in December 2007 by a group called Synergy Technologies, LLC. The LLC’s physical address is listed in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Rodriguez tells new times that no one who received the flyer with the incorrect website informed MBPD. The department became aware of the typo after the Miami Herald‘s Douglas Hanks reported the news on Tuesday afternoon.

“We have advised our agents to stop using them and are in the process of having the corrected inserts printed,” Rodriguez said. “We have since launched an internal affairs review of the case to determine how the error occurred.”

“I also feel like is an unofficial sounding name for the police or any state/government,” one commenter observed after Miami filmmaker Billy Corben shared an image of the sloppy flyer on Instagram. “Trembling Mickey Mouse.”