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Microsoft launches new enterprise content delivery network via Teams

Microsoft introduces Microsoft eCDN, a new WebRTC-based standalone enterprise content delivery network offering designed to improve live video delivery in an organization using Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) – available for $0.50 per user per month with an annual subscription – enables organizations to securely live stream global meetings, all hands and town halls, and distribute company-wide trainings, the company says.

The service is billed as a solution to hybrid and remote working, which Microsoft says has increased the need to stay connected and engage with employees in different locations. Microsoft says eCDN is also a solution to the high bandwidth load imposed on corporate networks by the heavy use of Microsoft Teams and other collaboration applications.

The company says Microsoft eCDN is designed to improve network reliability, reduce network saturation, and provide secure, high-quality, large-scale live video streaming with optimized network performance directly within Teams Live Events.

“Microsoft eCDN is easy to adopt and implement on a large scale in an organization,” the company says in a tech community. Blog. “Its mesh networks are self-balancing and scale automatically as viewership grows.”

According to Microsoft, the peer-to-peer network reduces the overall load on corporate networks and helps prevent outages or quality issues. The solution also incorporates advanced analysis and troubleshooting tools that provide insights and resolve user experience, performance, and other network issues.

Microsoft also emphasizes the ease of adoption of the solution, as no additional installation is required on endpoints and no changes are required to the physical infrastructure of the network.

The company says Microsoft eCDN comes after its August 2021 acquisition of Peer5, which offered a WebRTC-based eCDN solution that runs in the browser to optimize bandwidth usage and mitigate impacts on network communication applications. and professional.

With Peer5 integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, the service is now built and managed on Microsoft’s cloud with Office 365 compliance, which the company says ensures video content is secure and distributed only to authorized users.

Organizations can purchase Microsoft eCDN as a standalone offering through volume licensing, directly from Microsoft through the Microsoft 365 IT admin center, or through other Microsoft Cloud partners.