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Missile maker MBDA denies hacking allegations

European missile maker MBDA has publicly denied some of the hacking allegations against the company made on a dark web forum in July and posted on Twitter by Today Cyber ​​News tuesday.

The self-proclaimed hacking group that first made the allegation called themselves “Andrastea” and claimed to have obtained around 60 GB of data from MBDA and then put it up for sale on the dark web after breaking into the MBDA systems.

According to Andrastea, the group managed to obtain files describing military projects, as well as information related to commercial activities, contracts and messages exchanged with other companies, among others.

MBDA is now refuting those claims, in a series of blog posts (in different languages) published on Monday.

“MBDA denies the alleged ‘hacking’ of the company’s information systems and has filed a complaint with the police for attempting to blackmail the company,” read one of the messages.

“Following the company’s refusal to give in to this blackmail threat and pay a ransom demand, the criminal group disseminated information on the internet, making it available for payment.”

Specifically, the company clarifies that while some files have indeed been stolen, the company has not been hacked and its security systems remain intact, as the company has “state-of-the-art cyber protection systems” to make against this type of criminal activity. .

“The origin of the data has already been established, having been acquired from an external hard drive,” MBDA wrote.

“It has been confirmed that no hacking of the company’s secure networks has taken place. So far, the company’s internal verification processes indicate that the data made available online is neither classified nor sensitive data.

Additionally, MBDA said state authorities in Italy are currently investigating the matter, and the company said it supports their efforts.

“The company will take all possible legal action in the face of what is a criminal act of blackmail.”