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More detailed combat system, characters and weapons for Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysee – which will be released on September 29 on PlayStation 4 and 5, and on November 12 on PC, has received a new round of information, courtesy of the Japanese PS blog.

[Update: Square Enix North America has provided English details and screenshots, which we’ve included below]

A new main character introduced is Armand – a human the Valkyrie encounters by chance, still searching for something amidst the ruined world. Other characters introduced are Einherjar – spirits of the dead who assist the Valkyrie in battle – and the connection between the two plays a key role in the story to come. One of these Einherjar is Princess Kristoffer, who specializes in fighting Lance. Another detailed Einherjar is Taika, who is skilled in magic.

The basics of the combat system revolve around the simple concept of maintaining a combo, while using items or blue souls to summon Einherjar to augment your attacks with their own attributes. Divine Arts – essentially spells – can be found across the world in treasure chests. Divine Arts require the use of the Arts Gauge, which recharges when using the item – but also when landing combo chains. Divine Arts have their own attributes – and under the effect of an Einherjar, the use of spells of the same element will be further enhanced.

Some of the god arts detailed are Fire Storm, Hail Shot, and Lightning Bolt – all with relatively simple attributes. Of particular note is Soul Chain – an ability that not only lets you access areas you can’t reach with a simple jump, but also provides a way to quickly target enemies in the middle of combat, helping to maintain combos.


During combat, up to 2 different weapons can be equipped at once, such as Alfodr straight sword, Baleygr spear, Bolverkr rapier, and Herteitr double-edged spear. Players can use the Vingolf Training Area to test their loadout against previously defeated enemies.

Valkyrie Elysium releases next month on PlayStation 4 and 5, though PC gamers will have to wait a bit longer than that – as we get ever closer to launch, we should continue to hear more about what the players can expect with the game once they get their hands on it. More screenshots can be found in the gallery below.

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About Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title in the “Valkyrie” series that depicts the “death of mankind” and “the existence of the gods” with a unique worldview based on Norse mythology.

Motoi Sakuraba’s masterful tracks enhance the new “Valkyrie” world drawn in high-end graphics.

As the first action RPG in its series, it retains the familiar special attacks and combo system while taking it to the next level with a new three-dimensional fast-paced combat system.




(Voiced by Harry McEntire in English, Natsuki Hanae in Japanese)

“I’m here looking for something, even if the world is the way it is.”

A male human Valkyrie encountered in Midgard. He seems to be looking for something in the collapsing world, though he doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for.


The Einherjar are spirits that serve Valkyrie. In this title, the story revolves around the dynamic between Valkyrie and Einherjar.


In battle, they fight alongside Valkyrie and play a supporting role, aiding in combos and imbuing the elements when summoned. By skillfully using Einherjar, players can gain the advantage in battle.



(Voiced by Cassie Bradley in English, Maaya Uchida in Japanese)

“It is the duty of the strong to watch over those who cannot defend themselves.”

An Einherjar specialized in spear combat. Prior to her death, she was the Princess of South Lucarda.



(Voiced by Safiyya Ingar in English, Saori Hayami in Japanese)

“It’s me, though my mind is completely lost, paralyzed with regret.”

An Einherjar who wields magic. She was once a Guardian who protected her homeland with magic.

battle system

Summon Einherjar

The soul gauge will fill when the player collects items and/or blue souls. Use the energy stored in your Soul Gauge to summon an Einherjar. When summoned, the Einherjar grants its elemental properties to Valkyrie, empowering her attacks.


While the Valkyrie is under the effects of an Einherjar’s elements, her body color will change.

divine arts

These are special attacks learned by obtaining scrolls from treasure chests. Once these divine arts are equipped, they can be used by consuming charge on the arts gauge, which fills with items and landing combos. Each Divine Art has an associated element; using them to exploit an enemy’s weakness can provide an advantage in combat.

When an Einherjar is summoned, Divine Arts with the same element will also be empowered.
“Nibelung Valesti” is an ultimate attack granted only to Valkyries.
Firestorm – Summons a firestorm under the target.
Lightning Bolt – Fires a bolt of lightning at the target. Also deals damage to other enemies near the target.
Hail Shot – Fires five magic-infused hail shots.
Deadly Suppression – A magic earth attack that focuses the caster’s power on a target, pulling nearby enemies towards it.
Extreme Void – Creates a holy sword that strikes from below to launch the enemy into the air.
Heal – Restores the Valkyrie’s health gauge.
Punishment Blast – A javelin formed from darkness that rains down from the sky and explodes on impact.

soul chain


Soul Chain allows the player to extend a thread to a point in the distance for fast travel. Not only will this allow the player to go where a simple jump can’t reach, but it can be used to quickly move onto an enemy.


Launching an attack on an enemy will increase the combo gauge; land another attack before the gauge is depleted to maintain the combo. By continuously accumulating combos, the Arts Gauge will fill up, allowing the player to use Divine Arts.


Air combos are great for attacking enemies without worrying about their counterattack, and there’s a higher chance of dropping items.


Up to two weapons can be equipped simultaneously, and they can be swapped out depending on the enemies you’re up against or your personal playstyle preferences. Players can level up weapons by upgrading them, increasing the power attack and/or by unlocking new attacks. Additionally, once the weapon reaches a certain level, the player can attach runes to it, which will improve offensive or defensive power.

Alfodr (straight sword) – A sword granted by the All-Father Odin.
Baleygr (spear) – A beautiful white spear imbued with the power of the gods.
Bolverkr (rapier) – A thin sword that excels in attack speed.
Herteitr (double-edged spear) – A long polearm suitable for continuous attacks or throwing.

To acquire skills

Acquiring skills upgrades and unlocks Valkyrie’s abilities and actions. Various effects, categorized as offensive, defensive, and supportive, can be customized to suit the player’s playstyle.


If an enemy’s attack is kept at the right time, a slow effect occurs and a large amount of souls are dropped.


Various skills can be learned.



At a training ground called Vingolf, Valkyrie can summon enemies who have been purified in the past and train against them.