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My comfort foods reveal, after the colonoscopy…

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I managed to avoid having a colonoscopy my entire adult life, until Tuesday, when at age 66, I had my first, in Boston at Brigham and women Endoscopy Center at 7:00 a.m. My wife kept telling me how lucky I was, that everyone wanted the first date, but I felt unlucky checking in at 6:45, fully aware of this what was going to happen…

My medical oncologist at Dana Farber ordered the colonoscopy because the protocol is to have one before starting radiation therapy; you can’t have one for a full year after radiation therapy. I wasn’t excited about having a colonoscopy, no one is, but the stakes were high. Have a colonoscopy and receive life-saving radiation therapy. It was obvious.

After changing into a loose hospital gown, opening at the back and pulling on the cute little grippy socks they gave me, I was taken to a room for the procedure. First, I had an IV placed in my right wrist by one of the nurses, while another nurse asked me a bunch of questions and then walked me through how the procedure worked. I was told that I would not be extinguished but that I would be given enough medicine to relax, as if I were at dusk. One of the nurses said the initial turn was sharp and I could feel some pressure and feel a little discomfort, and if it was too much they could increase the meds, but they couldn’t turn me off; this would require an anesthesiologist and a postponement. After completing the preparation, which, without being too descriptive, produced the desired result; 5 lbs. nasty shit pouring out of my ass at high speed and with very little warning, totally destroying my dresser and making my bathroom uninhabitable, I didn’t want to cancel and have to repeat the process.

When the doctor came into the room he explained to me exactly what he was going to do and then I waited for him to start… Next thing I knew the nurse woke me up for me say that I was done, and that there were absolutely no polyps; my colon was clean! Apparently, while I was away, the procedure went well. I just hope I didn’t reveal any nuclear codes…

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On the way back to Norton, I was hungry and thirsty. The day before, I was limited to clear liquids and green Jell-O. On the day I had nothing, and I’m a breakfast type and also desperately need his morning coffee!

My comfort food cravings are simple and have been for years; I know exactly what works for me. Don’t think less of me, but one of the things I’ve loved since I was little is a McDonald’s shake. I know there’s better hits and shakes out there, but I gotta give Mickey D credit; their shakes are damn good! For years I had coffee shakes, but the bean counters had to consider them unprofitable, and when McDonald’s interrupted them, I was devastated. I loved their coffee shakes! I had to switch to vanilla, chocolate or strawberry… I switched to chocolate and never looked back. Of course, when clover shakes become available For a limited timeI’ve had it up to here !

We stopped at McDonald’s at Norton on the way home, like we’ve done so many times before, and got a chocolate shake, no whipped cream. Whose idea was it to put whipped cream on a shake anyway? I’m sure a shake with whipped cream sounds more mouth-watering, like a glacier shake, but I’m a purist; give me a fucking shake with a giant straw and save the whipped cream for someone else, please.

The shake was great, and well deserved too. It’s not just the flavor or cooling effect that an ice cold drink has while it lingers in your mouth before you swallow it, it’s that sipping it through a straw is soothing and makes everyone process should be savored. A McDonald’s shake is definitely a comforting drink for me, and I have absolutely no shame in admitting it.

After a relaxing two hour nap on the couch, I woke up hungry. It was time for real comfort food, and for me, it’s pizza! There are three pizzerias in my area that I frequent, and they all do South Shore style pizza barwhich is a 10 inch pan pizza with “laced edges”. Some people call them “burnt edges”, but this is misleading. Smaller pies are baked in shallow pans, and the sauce and cheese coat the entire pie, and if baked well, the edge caramelizes. It’s fucking delicious and far superior to any other style of pie, IMO. However, my wife is not a fan. She prefers full size pizzas with crust. She likes by Georgio in Brockton, and her favorite pie is called “Favorite”. It’s a little trick to pick it up, but I have to admit their sweet sauce is just amazing, and I still enjoy it, just not as much as a South Shore style pizza bar

i’m a big fan of Ultimate Pizza in the southeast. I knew the owner, Billy Papadopoulos, for a long time. I did plumbing and heating work for his brother Phil 25 years ago when he owned Sharon Pizza House and Billy worked there making pies. When he decided to open his own restaurant, he started making South Shore style pizza bar, and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, he makes a great pie, one of the best! Her Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is not only one of my favorites, but also one of my wife’s favorites. It’s good that we agree on something, isn’t it?

When I worked in Brockton 10-12 years ago, I had Caesar salads or pizzas at Ultimate 3 to 4 times a week…

So there is Bar Pizza and Salad Co. at Mansfield. I interviewed the owners, the brothers-in-law Marc O’Brien and Jason Cohen, for a blog I wrote last year. They make great pie and offer many unique specialty pies not available anywhere else, and they also make great salads. Great guys, great food, great choice!

Here is a specialty pie that Marc made for me at the Bar Pizza and Salad Co. it was just amazing!

We’ve lived in Norton for 35 years and have seen pizza places come and go, but one place that opened in 2004, type of pizza, is here to stay and has become a family favorite. I’m friends with the owner, Dave Garfinkel, which has been making pizzas for almost 30 years, and the pies that come out of its oven are some of the best South Shore-style bar pizzas. Every time my son Dylan comes home from Somerville, where he and his fiancee live, all he wants is a gold fever pizza from type of pizza, and they never disappoint. They are only half a mile from our place so the pizza is always hot when we bring it home…

It’s Dave with my freshly baked pie! Delicious!

For this occasion, Comfort food after colonoscopyI have chosen type of pizza! My wife picked up my favorite pie, hamburg, green pepper and onion with laced edges, and it was so good! I washed it down with my favorite pop, Mountain Dew. My wife recently forced me to start drinking the diet version, and let’s just say I’m not happy with it, but I’m coming back…

Everyone has their favorite comfort foods and drinks, and you don’t have to go through a colonoscopy to enjoy them. In the comments, let me know what your comfort foods and/or drinks are, and where your favorite place to get them is.

My colonoscopy is done and I don’t need another one for 5 years! Woo-hoo!