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Natasha Oakley quotes Kourtney Kardashian in Bikini Post

Natasha Oakley confides in her bikini photos!

The Australian model took to Instagram on Monday, October 10, to drop a series of new and old swimsuit snaps. Oakley has been candid about how her body has “changed so many times” over the past ten years.

Stripping Her Bodacious Curves

Instagram | Natasha Oakley

As fans know, the 32-year-old influencer has shown off her killer figure in various swimsuits over the years. She became famous on social networks thanks to her sexy shares. In fact, Oakley rose to fame with her blog A Bikini A Day, which she founded with friend and business partner Devin Brugman in 2012.

In its latest Instagram update, Oakley posted a total of 10 snapshots. The first showed her rocking an all-white two-piece at the beach. In the next slide, the hottie sported a yellow ensemble that included stockings and a bandeau top that resembled a tube top with thin straps.

love her body

Natasha Oakley poses for the camera.
Instagram | Natasha Oakley

A swipe to the right showed a photo of Oakley wearing a black bikini with white seashell print and suspenders. In another photo, she looked drenched after taking a dip in the ocean in a classic black two-piece. The fifth image showed Oakley flaunting its sculpted body in an orange number with black accents.

As for the last five snaps, Oakley wore another black bikini style, a light pink ensemble and a printed pair. She also flaunted her figure in a bright red two-piece and animal print number.

“10 years of wearing bikinis on instagram and my body has changed so much ✨✨” Oakley began.

Related to Kourtney Kardashian

Natasha Oakley poses for the camera.
Instagram | Natasha Oakley

She continued, “In Kourtney Kardashian’s words ‘If I’m super skinny, you know I’m not happy’ – that rings true to me.” All the times I’ve been the thinnest, I’ve been stressed, overworked, in a toxic relationship, or going through a rough patch.

The model added, “There’s nothing better than embracing my natural curves and knowing that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. There is so much to admire on social media but it can also be so misleading, remember not to be hard on yourself and to love your body and your life, after all you only have it one, what’s the use of doing anything else? ♥️”

Subscribers Praise Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley poses for the camera.
Instagram | Natasha Oakley

Oakey’s post received great support from social media users, amassing more than 21,000 likes in just ten hours after it went live. Hundreds of followers also took to the comments section to express their admiration for her honesty.

“Love this so much 😍 I pretty much remember all of these posts too lol,” fellow influencer Cindy Prado wrote.

“Beautiful in every way,” added Instagram model Hope Beel.

sexier than ever

Natasha Oakley poses for the camera.
Instagram | Natasha Oakley

“You are a fantastic girl in every photo I’ve seen you in 🔥😘,” actress Hassie Harrison noted.

“You are gorgeous (inside and out) and you are one of the first people I saw on Instagram with curves. As a result, you made me feel good about embracing my own curves. Some days I still have a hard time trusting my body and I think that’s normal, but I’ll never forget that and I’m really grateful for the road you blazed,” commented a fourth user.