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Netflix announces launch of curated news site ‘Tudum’

Netflix has a lot of shows. Like, a lot lots of shows. So many shows, in fact, even the streaming service itself knows it’s damn hard to follow them. Maybe that’s why Netflix just announced a way to make the overwhelming task a lot more manageable.

In the wake of Netflix’s very first news-rich fan event earlier this fall – insolently named ‘Tudum’ after the service’s iconic startup sound – the streamer announced he was transforming that idea. into a full-fledged editorial website (via The Hollywood Reporter). In a blog post shared earlier today, Netflix unveiled the ambitious plan, calling the new website “a place where you can dive deeper into the stories you love.” While the website is still in its early stages, Netflix has said it has ambitious plans for the future and has provided a bulleted list of what you can expect from the site in the coming months:

  • Get the scoop: AT You been renewed? When does season 4 of Cobra Kai to go out? Follow us for the latest news.

  • Dig deeper: East Housemaid based on a true story? What is a ‘kefta’ in Shadow and bone? Where else have I seen the cast of The witcher? Stories don’t have to end in the credits.

  • Extend the story: Where can i find the Squid game tracksuit? What’s up The more they fall soundtrack? How do i make the necklace External banks? Bring your favorite stories to life with helpful tips, tricks, and lists.

As you can see, Tudum aims not only to let Netflix fans know when they can expect their favorite shows to return, but also to offer a preview of specific series and episodes, which in as long as witcher fan, I appreciate it. In addition, Tudum will also offer several editorial channels focused on specific types of content, such as comedy-centric comedy. Netflix is ​​a joke and the Latinx column Con Todo.