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Netflix Introduces New Feature Allowing Users to Give Content “Two Thumbs Up”

Netflix introduces “Two Thumbs Up,” an additional way for users to tell the streamer what kinds of shows and movies they want to see more of. Starting today, subscribers will be able to find this feature alongside the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on their TV, online browser, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

The existing thumbs up and thumbs down buttons are a good way to tell Netflix what you think of a show or movie, and in turn, you’ll get a profile more suited to your tastes, Christine Doig Cardetdirector of product innovation, explains in a new blog post. Executives, on the other hand, have learned over time that these feelings can be more than just a like or dislike.

However, the “Two Thumbs Up” feature is a method for users to narrow down their recommendations so that they can see even more series or movies that they will enjoy. A thumbs up makes comparable recommendations because it still lets Netflix know what you liked, but two thumbs up tells Netflix what you liked and lets the platform be more specific with its recommendations.

As Doig-Cardet explains, providing an additional way to tell the streamer when you’re really into something means a profile with recommendations that better reflect what you like.