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Netflix launches new category hubs to make it easy for users to discover new content – ​​The Streamable

Like all content providers, Netflix knows that one of the biggest keys to keeping users engaged with a streaming platform is providing them with a finely tailored stream of endless programming that tickles everyone’s content cravings. individual.

To that end, Netflix has rolled out a new feature called Category Hub to its TV apps menu which is designed to allow viewers to “easily find their favorite genres and discover new categories of movies, series and specials, all at the same place”.

From a blog Released by Netflix Senior Software Engineer Mansi Desai, the new hub will appear vertically on the left side of the screen and will be topped with each individual profile’s “Top 3” genres or categories based on the content they regularly watch. .

Additionally, hub listings will include curated catalogs celebrating local holidays — including today’s Earth Day — as well as popular genres ranging from anime to horror.

The Category Hub replaces previous category listings that spanned the length of the screen and now offers more specific suggestions based on an individual’s viewing data.

“Think of this category hub as a livelier version of our old category row that’s tailored to your tastes and makes finding what to watch a whole lot easier (and fun!),” Desai said.