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‘New World’ tests Expedition Mutators for better endgame content

New world Soon will have Expedition Mutators that aim to turn endgame combat upside down and make things better.

Newly available on the in-game Public Testing Realm (PTR), Expedition Mutators are just one of the new features tested. According to the development team blog post, the PTR servers are open now. One world is available for Central Europe and another for Eastern United States. Interested players must download a special preview client through Steam to access it.

Once the testing period is over and the main New world the game is updated, the PTR world is closed and cleaned.

One of the key additions to try out here is the Shipping Mutators. Mutators “change familiar by increasing” normal “and” named “enemies found in Expeditions. This is because they change the way matches are played and what players need to do to win. By using them, the rewards are also better. New bespoke gear and resources can be found so that players get better increases in their power level.

New world. Credit: Amazon Games.

The system is designed to alternate mutations every week with 10 difficulty levels per expedition mutation. For this reason, players are encouraged to move up the ranks to achieve maximum difficulty.

It is important to pay attention to the equipment score recommended here, as it is directly taken into account in the scale of the enemy. The development team’s plan is that the higher difficulties will be “extremely difficult”. For this reason, all participating players will receive a starting charge of 600 Gear Score.

Every 48 hours, one of the following shipments will be transferred. These include Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality.

Somewhere else, New world will also have a new resource – Umbral Shards. These allow players to take an item with an Equipment score of 600 up to an Equipment score of 625.

New world new enemy
New world. Credit: Amazon Game Studios.

Additionally, other balancing changes and updates have also been implemented with the blog post detailing them in more depth.

New world had a complicated launch with lots of updates implemented to make things better. Most recently, an update reset faction cooldowns to create a “level playing field”.

Last month, New world Game director Scot Lane blamed the exploits as being “very disruptive” to server development and balancing.

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