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Nike FC Cup brings football fans together | Rocket League®

Football will bring us together

In all of history, there has never been a sport as important as football. Nations come together in raucous rebellion, while only one team can claim ultimate victory. This same spirit lives in rocket leagueand now everyone can get a taste of the world’s most popular sport with the FC Nike Cup Limited time event!

Starting November 17, players can complete in-game challenges to unlock Nike Federation and World Decals for dozens of countries. Football is taking over the Item Shop with several item packs, including the Nike CR7 Pack inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mercurial shoe. We will also present Fan Clash: Nike FC Cupan international competition where players compete for the glory of their country and exclusive placement rewards.

Then on November 30, we come back for the second half with the Nike FC Showdown Limited Time Mode. The Item Shop will also see a second set of items, including the Nike FC 2022 Bundle.

This is a big deal, so let’s dive into it!

Release 1 – November 17

First, the Item Shop! The Next Generation Nike Bundle comes with three decals inspired by three famous Nike shoes: Nike Phantom GT – Copper, Nike Tiempo – Copperand the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Copper. In addition to these Octane, Fennec, and Dominus decals, players will also receive the Goal Explosion Nike FC 2022. The pack will cost 1100 credits, while each item is also available for purchase individually.

Football has created some of the biggest sporting celebrities in the world, and now you can sport the same style as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo! The Nike CR7 Pack comes with the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – CR7 Sticker and a match Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – CR7 Player Bannerall for 300 Credits.

Along with this item shop transport come challenge rewards! To unlock 40+ Decals from around the world, you will have to complete challenges by immersing yourself in games of Chaos, Dropshot, Snow Day and Hoops! You can also get a golden egg which unlocks an item from Champions Series 1-4.

Nike FC Challenges and Item Shop items will be available from November 17 through December 6.


Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup

Football unites nations around the world, just like Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup! By registering and scoring points for the country of your choice, you can earn large-scale rewards.

Step 1 – Register

As of November 17, register on the Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup Site. Once you’ve chosen your team, it’s time to start dreaming about those rewards! As soon as you log in, you already unlock the “Footy Fanatic” Player Title.

Step 2 – Earn points

Once you’ve locked in your favorite team, start playing rocket league matches to earn points! Don’t forget to check your Fan Clash page while you play⁠ – you’ll be able to follow your team’s progress on the global leaderboard.

All goal, save and assist your score throughout the event will add points to your team’s global total, with point normalization making things fair for larger or smaller countries. Remember: it’s not the number of players you have; it’s how hard they work!

Step 3 – Claim Victory

Finally, you will earn placement rewards based on the number of points your country earns throughout Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup. Higher placements bring higher rewards, so do your best to propel your country to the top of the leaderboard! Fan Clash: The Nike FC Cup will take place from November 17 at 9:00 a.m. PST (17:00 UTC) to November 30 at 6:00 p.m. PST (December 1 at 2:00 a.m.)

Placement rewards

  • 1st: “Nike FC Cup MVP” Player Title, Nike FC 2022 Titanium White Goal Explosion, 1 Import Drop

  • 2nd – 4th: Nike FC 2022 Goal Burst Titanium White, 1 import drop

  • From 5 to 8: 1 imported loot, 1 very rare loot

  • From 9 to 12: 2 very rare drops

  • From 13 to 16: 1 very rare loot, 1 rare loot

  • From 17 to 30: 2 rare drops

  • 31 – 42: 1 rare loot


FC Nike clash

welcome to Champ of Champions (Nike FC)! This pink and blue arena will host FC Nike clasha limited-time mode that does the unthinkable: combine cars and soccer!

This is not the Soccar you know well. In Showdown, two teams face off with a Nike Ball, modified Mutator settings, and intense 4v4 action. The newly designed ball will curve and slice through the air depending on how you hit it, with a higher top speed and low rebound settings. These changes mean that the ball will spend more time close to the ground and it will be easier to dribble with the front of your car rather than the hood. Nike FC Showdown will be playable from November 30 to December 14.


Version 2 – November 30

Players can expect a new wave of Nike merchandise in the Item Shop from November 30 through December 6. Nike Mercurial – R9 Octane Sticker, inspired by Ronaldo Nazário’s R9 Mercurial boot. Looking for something flashier? The Nike FC Bundle brings a whole new vibe to futuristic sportswear for 300 credits.

Item Shop version 1: November 17 – December 6

Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup: November 17 – November 30

Item Shop version 2: November 30 – December 6

Nike FC matchup: November 30 – December 14