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NoAir 2.0 Vacuum Infuser Coffee Maker Removes Carbonic Acid

Tired of that sour aftertaste that coffee can leave in your mouth? Improve the flavor of your coffee and permanently rid it of carbonic acid with the NoAir 2.0 coffee maker.

Enhance the flavor of your coffee when you brew it with the No Air 2.0 full immersion vacuum brew coffee maker. This cool new coffee maker uses vacuum brewing to prevent your coffee from oxidizing and forming carbonic acid, giving you a tastier, more nuanced drink.

You can’t start the day without your morning coffee. But sometimes the infusion is just a little too acidic and even irritates the stomach. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In fact, the NoAir 2.0 removes trapped CO2 from ground coffee, resulting in a better taste and preventing the formation of carbonic acid.

Vacuum brewing removes CO2 from ground coffee

The NoAir 2.0 uses vacuum infusion to remove trapped CO2 from ground coffee. According to the company, this allows the coffee to completely saturate with water during the brewing process and release its aromatic compounds, giving you a more flavorful drink.

Thus, you will be able to taste more of the subtle flavors of your coffee such as the blueberry of an Ethiopian coffee or the lemongrass of a Kenyan coffee. The creators also note that this coffee maker produces sweet, hot chocolate-like results.

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NoAir 2.0 pouring coffee

Full immersion brewing prevents carbonic acid

Meanwhile, this vacuum brew coffee maker also uses full immersion brewing. It keeps the ground coffee under water, which stops the formation of carbonic acid.

Although carbonic acid is not harmful, the company writes that in higher doses, like what you find in a cup of coffee, it can upset the stomach. It also causes a sour aftertaste that many people find unpleasant.

Fortunately, the NoAir 2.0 prevents the formation of carbonic acid in the first place, giving you more drinkable and painless coffee.

NoAir 2.0 in a YouTube video

Classic, medium and double dark strengths are just some of the possible drinks

Think you should stick to classic brewed coffee with the NoAir 2.0? In fact, this new coffee technology makes it possible to brew a range of coffee drinks, from a classic single-strength cup of coffee to a quad dark, which is espresso-style.

Other possibilities are oat milk lattes, Americano style, coconut milk latte, white milk and chocolate milk. So, as you can see, you have plenty of blending options with this coffee maker.

The double-walled filter is easy to clean

The NoAir 2.0 brings several improvements to the typical coffee maker, and one is its double-walled removable filter with a 200 micron stainless steel mesh. It allows for easier cleaning and faster pouring. It also allows the manufacturer to upgrade to a travel mug.

Electric vacuum pump makes this coffee maker portable

Another characteristic that defines the No Air 2.0 Besides the drip coffee makers, its USB rechargeable electric vacuum pump. It allows you to take the coffee maker anywhere, without having it attached to a wall outlet in your kitchen.

Moreover, it has a high quality battery that should last 2 months under normal usage conditions. This means you can brew coffee with the NoAir 2.0 for up to 60 days without worrying about connecting it to its charger.

Coffee ready in less than 3 minutes

Tired of waiting endlessly for your coffee maker to make your morning joe in the kitchen? The NoAir 2.0 prepares your coffee in less than 3 minutes. Yes it’s possible.

The steps are simple. Simply add your ground coffee and pour in heated water. Then use the pump to create a vacuum. Lift the filter and you’re ready to enjoy.

A travel lid turns the infuser into a mug to go

Do you usually have your coffee on the way out? Thanks to its practical travel lid, the NoAir 2.0 can travel with you. It converts the infuser into a travel mug in seconds.

Moreover, with its great shape, you can easily use it as a coffee mug in the morning and as a water bottle in the afternoon.

Pollution is not a problem with this eco-friendly coffee maker

Even better, this unique coffee maker supports durability. For starters, the main materials are stainless steel and premium Tritan plastic. Both are 100% recyclable.

Meanwhile, the company’s Indiegogo page writes that millions of trees are cut down to create paper filters and take-out coffee cups for coffee drinkers every year. Then the plastic coffee pods take 200 to 500 years to decompose.

With the NoAir 2.0, you won’t need paper products or coffee pods to enjoy the purest coffee flavors you’ve ever tasted. It’s a coffee maker, filter and mug in a reusable and recyclable design. It’s something we can all feel good about.

Coffee without carbonic acid is easier on the stomach

If you need a shot of coffee to start your day, but your stomach struggles with acid, this vacuum brew coffee maker is just what you’ve been looking for. Since the device removes CO2 from ground coffee, carbonic acid is never formed in the coffee.

This takes away gas and stomach pain and removes the sour aftertaste you get from standard coffee machines.

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If you’re looking for a quick way to improve the flavor and quality of your coffee, this vacuum brew coffee maker is a great choice. Using a full immersion vacuum brewing process, it removes CO2 from ground coffee, enhancing its flavor. Make your daily coffee ritual even better with this coffee gadget.

Pre-order the NoAir 2.0 at indiegogo for $105. Do you own any coffee gadgets that dramatically improve the flavor? Tell us about them in the comments.

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