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October 2022 Prime Gaming Content Revealed Revealed

Welcome to the official October updates. Add Prime Gaming to your fall plans with a selection of games and content for popular titles like ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Ash’.

  • Just in time for tonightThursday Night Football, Prime Gaming and EA SPORTS have completed year five of the Crumble Football Footballs forMadden Football series. For more on MLB, the game was fine.
  • Exclusive content for All God, League of Legends, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto and more.
  • The Oktober Games with the Prime line includes seven titles. Titles include: Total War: Warhammer II, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Yoga: Origins, Ook, Heroes Hour and Horace.
  • Claim an exclusive Prime GamingLeague of LegendsEsports emote during the League of Legends World Championships starting October 18. Get acquainted soon with exciting League of Legends Worlds stories from Prime Gaming.

At, members can claim these rewards for a limited time.

With Prime Gaming and Madden NFL 23, celebrate the new season!

Just ahead of tonight’s Dolphins vs Bengals football game, Prime Gaming and EA SPORTS are kicking off another year with the Madden Ultimate Team Bundle for Madden NFL 23. For returning GMs or those new to the game, Madden NFL 23, the ultimate football experience. Do with the legends of your team to start the season strong.

Prime members can now claim the Prime Gaming Madden Ultimate Team Pack, which includes Thursday Night Football themes, including an OVR Ultimate Kickoff One x87 Player and an Ultimate Kickoff 1-x Vanity Uniform.

From October, go to the Xbox 360 of the game. Your teams win and your Packs are full of legends!

Claim an exclusive Prime GamingLeague of LegendsEsports emote. The League of Legends World Championships take place during the UK Championship.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Riot Games announced last year, Prime Gaming continues to be a worldwide sponsor of Riot Games esports, including VALORANT, Wild Rift and Theague of Legends Esports, and the Championship Series of the current league.

Prime members can claim the exclusive Esports emote Known as Nasus, Much Wow during this year’s League of Legends World Championships Knockouts and Finals stages (October 18 November five), as well as our monthly League of Legends capsulesPrime Gaming, which offer a resurgence of some special perks, such as ‘routing’ slick spots, ‘shunds’, ‘Bloots,’ The perk of sharing the exclusive emote will be promoted to viewers by broadcast resuscitation and

Our work was started by Riot Games and Prime Gaming in 2018, so we got millions of RP, Skins, Skin Shards and many more in-game items across many Riots games.

Prime members can claim in-game content for Riot Games titles as they become available. Stay tuned for more exciting news on Prime Gaming and LegendsWorlds to come.

The October 2022 Games with the Prime Ministers!

Prime Gaming will offer seven titles in October. From the apocalyptic and anthropocenic past of Fall of 76 to the fantastical battlegrounds of Fall of War: The Second, this month’s lineup challenged players to head into the present and the future to conquer the past, the present and the present.

  • In Fallout 7625 years after the bombs that left the world Forbidden, you and your fellow Vault Dwellers take on post-nuclear America and explore a vast, decrepit wasteland in this open-world multiplayer addition to the Fallout story.
  • All War: The Warhammer III Immerse yourself in a breathtaking maneuver of exploration and expansion involving a fantasy world in this turn-based civilization management game. Execute epic real-time tactical combat and take on thousands of the world’s best soldiers and monsters.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War Immerse yourself in the magical land of Middle-earth. As you gather new and powerful sand, euthanize fortresses with massive battle, and win Mordor with your personal orc army in the latest Middle-earth series.
  • Glass Maskerade: OriginsExplore an artistic puzzle game inspired by Art Deco and 20th century stained glass artisans. Together from the hidden glass pieces, we unveil clocks and themes from different cultures around the world, on the Interim Times Expo, an interactive electronic exhibition.
  • LOOMExplore the age of the Great Guilds and play with Bobbin, a boy weaver, as he unravels the mystery of the strange power of the weavers that swept them into oblivion. Philanthropists, cattlemen and clerics have woven their knowledge into the obscene fabric of reality. Now it’s up to Bobbin to save his guild and the universe from disaster.
  • Heros Hour A fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG with real-time combat lets you develop cities and armies, learn new hammers and skills, and explore its wonders and dangers to defeat your enemies.
  • HoraceHeralded as best-in-class, this massive platforming adventure attempts to push the boundaries of the genre with the deep story of a small robot learning about life, the universe, and Douglas Adams.

Calendar for October 2022.

Amazon Prime members can expect much more exciting content throughout October, and with new games and content drops for Assassins Creed Valhalla, Deestiny 2, Fall Guys, Roblox and more ! See the full range on

  • Now available Apex Legends Prime Gaming Octane Radioactive Bundle.
  • Now AvailableAssassins Creed ValhallaHolla Feather Bundle Now AvailableAssassins Creed
  • Now available Battlefield 2042 Crawford Imperial Code Specialist Skin
  • Now available Brawlhalla Cyber ​​Oni Bundle.
  • Out of Dead by Daylight 200,000 Bloodpoints now discarded.
  • Now available DEATHLOOP Dressed for the Kill Bundle.
  • Destiny 2. Rock Out Exotic Pack now available.
  • Now available Fall Guys Pool Party Bundle.
  • First-class slots package available now for the latest iPad 2 game.
  • Now available Weekly 9/27 11/3Grand Theft Auto Online $125KGrand Theft Auto Onlinecash.
  • Now Available GwentUltimate Pack: Now available.
  • Now available League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule.
  • Now AvailableArk 4 Battle Item ChestPack Bundle
  • Now available Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team Pack.
  • AvailableMinecraft Dungeons The Nether DLC Flames.
  • Available PALADINS Defragged Inara Skin now.
  • Now available Pokemon GoPrime Gaming Bundle.
  • SoldiersUmbrau Available Items Pack, now available.
  • Open now availableRealm Royale Black Amethyst Warrior Skin.
  • Now available Roblox Doggy Backpack avatars, 3 unique bonuses for Mining Simulator 2 on Roblox: 10,000 gems and the exclusive Ultra Core pet with improved stats and blank skin.
  • Now availableRogue Company flightpath Dahlia Skin.
  • Now availableSMITE Monstercat Scrame, Bundle with a PINDERBALL!
  • Now AvailableTwo Point Hospital Swinging Balls A set of twelve punching swinging balls.
  • Now availableWilld Rift Random Emote Chest, click the button.
  • Now available World of Tanks Instant Rewards, Selective Rewards and Combat Mission Rewards.
  • Now available Valorant Runnin On Empty spray spray.
  • The Court of the Order, we. The Revolution: Sacred Moon, Sacred Heart, Mask of Death, Collectors Edition Collection of the Law.
  • Last game of October with the third Fallout 76. Total War: Warhammer II, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Glass Mech, Origin, LOOM, Honor Hour and Horace.
  • October 4, 4 Rare Prismatic Hearts – 3 Rare Wildcards.
  • October 3 Dead Online, Torranca Coat, Applause Emote, Calhoun Boots, and 5 Gold Bars.
  • The Tombola package is from October 4th to 6th.
  • October 6Pokemon GoPrime Gaming Bundle (October 6).
  • Oct. 6 Apr. 30 Wild Rift Runcall Random Check Point Chest.
  • On October 14, gorge a gang with good counts!
  • October 18 Bundle, Two Point Hospital, Lohio Trampoline.
  • March 20, 2005. The county index reached a 2nd, 2nd, 5th or 30th pm

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