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Official Xbox nail polish unlocks Halo Infinite and Forza game content

Xbox has partnered with OPI to launch in-game nail polish, which will unlock in-game content for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5.

An official Xbox and the OPI collaboration will allow fans to get their hands on in-game content for Infinite halo and Forza Horizon 5 by purchasing licensed nail polish. Xbox has partnered with a number of big and perhaps unexpected brands over the past few months, primarily to bring its latest big version to market, with a Infinite halo collaboration with the Waze GPS navigation application, as well as with Rockstar Energy.

The end of 2021 turned out to be a great time for Xbox fans with the November launch of the immersive racing simulation. Forza Horizon 5, which was followed by the launch of free-to-play Infinite halo multiplayer and, finally, its paid campaign. Both Infinite halo and Forza Horizon 5 saw their interest bolstered by their inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, with both games each being day one releases. This was a godsend for new players, as it meant that those who had not yet tried out the previous games of both series could test the newer titles within the limits of their subscription cost, albeit outside of their subscription cost. Xbox, Infinite halo again broken records on Steam.


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The new collection of Xbox games and the OPI nail polish brand is now available at ULTA, and purchasing the polishes will unlock in-game content for Forza Horizon 5 and Infinite halo. Detailing the news on the Xbox blog, the company has confirmed that the OPI x Xbox collection includes “12 shades that bring virtual worlds of Xbox Game Pass titles and popular gaming phrases to life.“The blog also confirms that the purchase of the shades”unlock special in-game content for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 “, with the content appearing to be a glitter purple Halo suit and a pink-orange gradient car skin for Forza. Content can be unlocked starting February 1, with the OPI x Xbox Collection available at global retailers starting on the same date. The complete list of colors is as follows:

  • Quartz Quest: A sparkling rose quartz that will put you in the winner’s circle.
  • Pixel dust: A shimmering mauve pink that will pixelate your world.
  • Race for roses: A pink cream that will keep your engine running.
  • Suzi is my avatar: A creamy pink nude that will give you virtual power.
  • Commercial painting: An apricot cream for which you will run to the end.
  • Heart and soul: A shimmering crimson red that takes nails to the next level.
  • The Pass is always greener: Meet your matcha with this creamy pastel green.
  • Sage simulation: Lose yourself in a shimmering sage green simulation.
  • You got me at Halo: A shimmering galactic blue that will give you sparkling stats.
  • Unable to CTRL me: A shimmering robin egg blue that cannot be CTRL.
  • Success unlocked: Unlock a world of colors optimized for lilac.
  • N00berry: Berries enhance your nails with this deep purple cream.

See the announcement on Twitter here.

Fans can create their own car models in Forza Horizon 5, which could mean that similar liveries to the OPI x Xbox nail polish skin may soon be available to all gamers, but something similar will not be available for Infinite halo. With the vivid purple and glittery appearance of the skin, there is a strong possibility that it will become one of the most sought-after cosmetics for the game, which could make nail polish more difficult to acquire. With the stockouts seen throughout the game, it’s possible that nail polish will become a staple for scalpers.

The latest big-name Xbox collaboration is expected to be a hit with gamers and non-gamers alike. Thanks to the variation in the colors of OPI nail polish on offer, it is likely that there are fans of the beauty community looking to acquire the polishes even without necessarily being fans of the games. OPI collections can sell out quickly, and those looking to get their hands on the next special Infinite halo skin or Forza Horizon 5 cosmetics must act quickly to avoid disappointment.

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