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OnlyFans launches online stores so content creators can start selling branded merchandise such as clothing and stickers

OnlyFans allows content creators to sell merchandise on the site.Getty Images

  • OnlyFans is launching a shopping feature for its content creators to allow users to purchase branded products.

  • Items on offer will include personalized water bottles, stickers, puzzles and designer clothing.

  • Creators can design their products until spring under a partnership agreement with OnlyFans.

OnlyFans users will soon be able to start buying custom products from their favorite content creators.

The news was first reported by The Financial Times.

The adult entertainment platform is launching the ability for users to add a link to online stores to feature merchandise through a partnership with Spring, an e-commerce platform.

Creators can design and create “custom branded products” through the Spring Store, such as water bottles, stickers, puzzles, and clothing. Spring will take care of the packaging, storage and shipping of the products, OnlyFans Blog said.

“Our creator community was looking for merchandise options so they could share another side of their business with fans,” OnlyFans chief executive Ami Gan told the Financial Times.

OnlyFans creators can also add products they’ve produced themselves to the Spring Store, according to the blog post. Creators can sign up for a Spring account using an online form, design their merchandise, and get a link to their store which they can display on their OnlyFans profile.

The site isn’t the only content-sharing platform venturing into e-commerce. YouTube also does this by allowing influencers to sell items through links through their videos, The Financial Times reported this week.

Last year he launched the streaming platform OnlyFans TVor OFTV, where series or other videos can be viewed by subscribers.

OnlyFans takes a 20% commission from its creators, who upload content, including pornographic photos and videos, while users pay a monthly subscription of between $5 and $50 to watch them.

The platform owner, Leonid Radvinskywas paid more than $500 million in dividends since 2020. He took over OnlyFans in 2018.

OnlyFans did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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