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Out of the past – Sidney Daily News

125 years

November 30, 1896

Students in the Central building were dismissed today because of the cold. A new oven is being installed in the building and has not been completed.


As Alexander Fisher and his men worked on the north abutment of the new Big Four railroad bridge at Oak Avenue this morning, the oil rig fell. Several of the men were on the abutment at the time, but noticed that the derrick was falling in time to pull away. The crash happened around the same time the eastbound morning Big Four passenger train was due and one of the men must have been dispatched to the tracks to report the train.

100 years

November 30, 1921

At the regular city council meeting last night, a resolution was passed authorizing the department manager to enter into a contract with the county commissioners for the installation and equipment of 16 white lights in the public square.


The Sidney Washing Machine Co. filed for Connecticut bankruptcy laws"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}”>Connecticut bankruptcy laws in the United States court in Dayton. The company’s liabilities are estimated at $ 121,000, and assets at approximately $ 16,000. The company was incorporated in this city about three years ago with a capitalization of $ 25,000 and established a factory on North Ohio Avenue for the manufacture of washing machines.


Harold Neirengarten of Lima pleaded “guilty” when he appeared before Justice of the Peace RG Herrman in Wapakoneta for taking the life of Joseph Kershaw, also of Lima. He was linked to the grand jury without bail. The weapon allegedly used in the murder is still missing and a reward has been offered for its recovery.

75 years

November 30, 1946

Dr Harry W. Barr, of that city, has been appointed to the committee for the Temple of Good Will project, slated for a prominent place in the civic center of Columbus. The appointment of Dr. Barr, one of 34 appointed clergymen, was made by Louis J. Tabler, president of the Ohio Council of Churches.


Ben M. McCullough was elected camp commander for Colonel WT Amos, a Hispanic American veterans, when members gathered at the armory last night. With him will be: Herman Albers, Senior Vice-Commander; Frank M. Hussey, junior vice-commander; HE Kah, adjutant; Louis P. Kraft, quartermaster; RM Barber, chaplain.

50 years

November 30, 1971

A delicate white crochet afghan, made by Mrs. Albert Romanowski, will be a featured prize at the Nurse’s Bursary Lunch on Monday, December 6. The annual luncheon is sponsored by the Federated Woman’s Club and will be served in the First National district of Northtown. Social rooms of the foreign exchange bank.


Census figures from 1970 show that Ohio fell from fifth place in 1960 to sixth place in 1970 in the total population. Buckeye State recorded 10,652,017 residents, an increase of 9.7% from the previous 10-year period.

25 years

November 30, 1996

You can be a hero no matter how old you are. Take the case of 10-year-old Craig Pence of Botkins. A Michigan driver was asked to get a room at the Botkins Budget Host Inn on June 25 of this year because she was drinking. Shortly after, a fire broke out in the room she occupied. Pence, who lives nearby, responded with police. “I thought I could help people get out of the rooms,” he said. “I thought if I had to give my life to help others, I would,” he concluded. Pence alerted the other guests, then watched the Michigan driver to make sure she hadn’t taken her keys and walked away. Pence received an award from Botkins Police and Mayor Donald Doll.


Lehman’s senior class will present “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. Andy Arnold, Chad Sollmann, Aaron Edwards, Rebekah Howison and Sera Hussain will participate in the production. The play is an adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic novel.


The Anna School Board recently received unanticipated “milk money”. The check came from an antitrust lawsuit filed by the government against Louis Trauth Dairy. The amount of the check was $ 2,380.54. He represented Anna’s share of the settlement base on milk purchases from 1981 to 1999 from this dairy.

This news from previous editions of the Sidney Daily News is compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet!

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